Is Duromine Speed

Duromine is a weight loss medications, which possesses stimulating properties. Some of the effects of this drug may be similar to the effects of “speed”.

Speed is a street name of a drug forbidden by law, which belongs to the same class as the amphetamine and other powerful drugs do (“crystal”, “ice”, “shabu”, “meth”).

Although Duromine and speed have similar effects, they differ significantly from each other.

Duromine is not a speed. This anti-obesity drug does not have a pronounced psycho-stimulating effect, does not cause euphoria, wild buzz, does not sharpen the visual and auditory sense.

Important differences

  • Duromine is a legal medicine that is officially produced in pharmaceutical plants and is supplied to pharmacy chains.
  • Speed is produced in illegal clandestine laboratories and is usually distributed to the visitors of nightclubs.

The main difference between Duromine and speed is the lack of narcogenic potential and a low risk of developing physical and mental dependence.

In order to get a sense of drive and euphoria, like speed provides, people will have to take a high dose of Duromine at once. This, in turn, leads to an overdose and acute intoxication, which will require immediate medical attention.

Although the degree of psychostimulating effect in Duromine is lower than in speed, uncontrolled use of the anorectic can adversely affect the overall health of an obese patient and cause such side effects, as:

  • irritability, anxiety,
  • uneven heartbeat,
  • insomnia and other sleep disorders.

Therefore, when using anorectic, patients should observe the dosing regimen and not abuse the medicine. Despite the fact that Duromine does provide a psychostimulating effect, it is much safer than speed and does not form drug dependence, when people use recommended doses of it.

Duromine is not the only medicine that has effects, similar to those of speed.

The list of drugs that have a high potential for abuse includes some medicines for the treatment of:

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (Adderall)
  • Narcolepsy (Provigil)
  • Various depressive states (tranquilizers)
  • Severe pain (opioids).
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