Phentermine and Intermittent Fasting

Phentermine and Intermittent Fasting: What Will Happen if You Combine?

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 – Updated May 29, 2023
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 – Updated May 29, 2023
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Table of Contents

Today, a lot of people around the world have a problem with excess weight. It affects the quality of life, has a negative impact on health, and deprives a person of energy. Doctors often prescribe Phentermine to their patients to combat obesity and overweight. Do you know that treatment can be more effective if you combine Phentermine and intermittent fasting?

Phentermine has a stimulating effect on the central nervous system leading to appetite suppression and improvement of metabolism. As a result, more calories are burnt and carving for food is reduced. As practice shows, the drug leads to weight loss in 80% of patients. However, it can’t be used for a long time – it is a short-term solution.

How to Lose Weight Fast and Effective Using Phentermine?

Many people who have successfully reduced weight on Phentermine reported that when they returned to the same eating habits, they gained weight again. Is there a solution to losing weight once and for all with the help of this drug?

Such a solution exists as a combination of intermittent fasting with Phentermine. Intermittent fasting means going for extended periods without eating to give your digestive system rest. By making an eating window shorter and a fasting window longer, one can achieve amazing results in weight loss and improving your health. The most popular intermittent fasting methods are the following:

  • 16:8, where 16 hours is the fasting window, and 8 hours is the eating window;
  • 23:1 (OMAD), where 23 hours are the fasting window and 1 hour is the eating window;
  • 5/2, where 5 – is non-fasting days and 2 is fasting days when you limit your calories to 25% of your normal intake.

Want to maximize your weight loss with Phentermine? Try our Duromine meal plans designed for intermittent fasting. Amplify your results and maintain your weight loss.

Many people who just started intermittent fasting find it challenging to fight hunger and survive the necessary interval without snacks, and it is of utmost importance when it comes to this diet.

Such a method can help reduce weight and improve your health. Fasting promotes important changes in the body:

  • Reducing insulin resistance;
  • Reducing inflammatory processes;
  • Improving metabolism;
  • Improving hormones and cholesterol levels;
  • Starting the autophagy mechanism when the body destroys old or dysfunctional cells, replacing them with healthy ones.


Phentermine has proven its efficacy in the short-term obesity treatment course. However, after the treatment is finished and the medication is withdrawn, extra kilos come back. You shouldn’t return to your old eating habits if you want to maintain weight loss.

Another method to get a stable result is combining drug therapy with intermittent fasting. This approach will result in stable weight loss and help become healthier, getting rid of many problems caused by poor diet.

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