Experimental methods of treating obesity became a reality today. In 2015-2017, the pharmaceutical markets around the world met Saxenda – a drug with the most promising potential in the treatment of overweight or obesity.

Saxenda provides a new therapeutic approach to assistance in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. Unlike the oldest anti-obesity drugs that only reduce appetite, Saxenda helps fight excess weight through:

  • Appetite Suppression
  • Slowing gastric emptying

With Saxenda, you will eat less and not feel excruciating hunger. Due to a slower rate of gastric emptying, food will get into the small intestine not as fast, as it did before. This results is a significantly slower process of breakdown and absorption of:

  • Fats
  • Carbohydrates
  • Proteins

Saxenda is a real achievement in the pharmacotherapy of overweight or obesity. It can be used for:

  • A few months – to combat overweight.
  • Several years – to treat extreme obesity.

When purchasing Saxenda online, you get an anti-obesity agent that provides a high and stable rate of weight loss. Patients using Saxenda lose 2-3 times more weight, than patients, who lose weight just by increasing their activity and keeping to low-calorie diets.

Approximately 70% of patients lose 5% of weight during the first 12 weeks of treatment.
Weight reduction occurs mainly in the first year and maintains for 3 years or more.
Saxenda is a perfect choice for obese patients with high blood glucose levels. Saxenda was clinically proven to reduce waist circumference, as well as:

  • Reduces blood glucose levels in obese patients with pre-diabetes and diabetes.
  • Provides a minimal glucose-lowering effect in patients with normal blood sugar levels.

Saxenda significantly improves glycemic indices in all patients, who use this drug. It acts quickly and provides glycaemic control through:Stimulation of the secretion of insulin – a hormone that converts sugar into energy.

  • Decrease in secretion of glucagon – a hormone, which raises blood glucose concentration.

Saxenda is truly effective in reducing blood glucose levels. If it is administered to patients, who use sulfonylureas (antidiabetic drugs), the dose of insulin secretagogues should be reduced, e.g., 2-fold.

Order Saxenda, and get a drug that will reduce your desire to eat and improve your cardiometabolic parameters. Unlike other drugs that reduce appetite, Saxenda not only does not cause hypertension, but also improves:

  • Systolic blood pressure.
  • Diastolic blood pressure.

Saxenda is a prescription weight loss a drug that is used along with increasing the overall level of activity during the day and calorie-restricted diets. Patients should stay on this program, as long as they use this drug.

Saxenda is a solution for subcutaneous injection, which is used every day. You are the one who does the injections to yourself, yet you do not have to worry about dose measurement.

  1. Forget about the inconveniences associated with syringes, bottles with solutions and long needles.
  2. Pre-filled, multi-dose pen allows introducing different doses of the drug in just a few seconds.

If you do not know how to use the multi-dose pen or have additional questions, please consult with your pharmacist, nurse, or doctor. Patients are usually advised to:

  • Use Saxenda approximately every 24 hours.
  • Make subcutaneous injections into the shoulder, hip or abdomen.
  • Begin treatment with the lowest dose of 0.6 mg.
  • Gradually increase the dose to 3 mg.

This drug can not be administered intramuscularly or intravenously. The injection site can be changed without increasing or decreasing the daily dose.

Saxenda is a win-win option for a healthy weight loss, at least for the majority of patients. Yet, besides the fact that Saxenda reduces body weight and improves cardiometabolic parameters, it may cause side effects.

Before Saxenda went on sale, it was evaluated for safety. According to the test results, it was determined that diarrhea, constipation, vomiting and nausea are the most frequently reported adverse reactions. These and other adverse reactions are usually mild or moderate.

Today, you can buy Saxenda in any Western country in the world and immediately proceed to the treatment of overweight or obesity. However, Saxenda price remains high, and not every person can afford to buy it. The drug went on sale a few years ago, has no competition from the part of generics and thus is sold at a higher price.

The company Novo Nordisk manufactures Saxenda and provides a unique opportunity to save on the purchase of their anti-obesity drug. Participants of the savings card program can buy Saxenda online at a low price and save on treatment.

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Rika Cronje
Rika Cronje
8 months ago

I am in South Africa. Can I purchase it on line?

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