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Prescribing Duromine from doctors or clinic

Have you heard or seen for yourself the weight loss results that people achieve while using Duromine, and now want to try it? Well, you might be surprised how rarely you can find a doctor who prescribes Duromine just because you come in and say that you want it.

Of course, you might be one of those, whose weight and comorbidities immediately make the doctor understand that you need it.

Those, who cannot convince their GP into issuing a prescription for Duromine, might search for a weight loss clinic. At that, you will also need to have your health checked and get ready to spend some extra cash for the coveted prescription.

While doing our online research, we have discovered an awesome community, where people share their stories about Duromine use and, of course, find ways to get the pills.

Of course, people wouldn’t be people if they wouldn’t find ways of tricking doctors into getting what they want to get. Even though we do not approve such behavior, on the largest Australian Duromine community we found some tips to get a Duromine prescription, if your doctor is unwilling to give it to you. On this very online community, you can also find the list of doctors and clinics, who are likely to prescribe Duromine to you.

How to Buy Brand Duromine Online

In fact, this Duromine forum is a great place. Probably, the only one which offers access to such a long list of Duromine sellers who provide brand Duromine, both local and those who deliver worldwide.

The great news is that the list is constantly being updated, and those sellers, who deliver worldwide go through thorough checks by the Forum Team. Besides, they have to pay to be able to sell their products. This ensures safety, and you actually know that you get the original medication.

Read step-by-step guide how to buy Duromine from Duromine forum.

To get the access to this information, you will have to pay a fair fee – of USD 50 per year and (great news for now!) – USD 99 for the lifetime membership. In return, you get the access to the entire list of sellers and choose the one, whose conditions suit you the most.

So now, you truly do have a huge variety of options for your purchase of brand medication.

Generic Duromine online without prescription

And the great news just keep coming. For those, who want to save some money, sellers on also offer generic versions of Duromine and other weight loss medications, which can help you budge the weight, if Duromine is too harsh on your body.

Besides, we managed to find an online store, where you can buy Phentermine, as well as other weight loss pills, and have them delivered worldwide.

Buy Phentermine without prescription

Genuine Duromine online with script

You can buy genuine Duromine 15mg, Duromine 30mg or Duromine 40mg with script on the following online pharmacies:

  1. – Duromine 30mg price – $3.63 per pill
  2. – Duromine 30mg price – $3.73 per pill
  3. – Duromine 30mg price – $3.73 per pill
  4. – Duromine 30mg price – $3.73 per pill
  5. – Duromine 30mg  price – $3.86 per pill

There is only one legal Duromine alternative that you can buy online without prescription or issues in any country. And this alternative is PhenGold, or a very similar alternative, Phen375. People who say that these supplements are the same – are silly. These supplements are not the same as Duromine, yet they really do work, and they do not contain any controlled substances. Also, you’ll need to use these supplements longer to achieve good results. We are not talking about one week or month, we’re talking about several months, a good diet and trainings, because weight loss can’t be a one-time solution. A proper nutrition, diet and physical activity must be your main steps for a healthy, happy and successful life. These supplements are created to help you fight overweight, they really do work, yet it is not a magic pill, and a lot depends on you.

Duromine alternative from 0.8$ per pill, find more information about these supplements on the official websites and

Duromine scam websites and sellers

Alternatively, sites appearing to sell Duromine, often are scam websites, so you should also pay attention and beware of Instagram sellers. You can find a lot information about Duromine scam sources on (ex. Duromine forum).

Please leave comments about your experience. Let’s help each other.

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3 years ago

I am lactose intolerant and found out that duramine contains Lactose. I get blisters on my tongue and in my mouth. I cannot fall asleep either.

3 years ago

Can I buy duromine in australia and bring it to my home country?

3 years ago

I started duromine last Thursday , 15mg but I’m not sure if it’s really doing anything for me ? I’m having no side affects as such . Is it too early to tell ? I’ve lost 3kg already but I’m also taking Xenical with it aswell ?

2 years ago

Good day guys

Kindly assist on where to buy Duromine I’m in South Africa??


Sue c
Sue c
2 years ago
Reply to  Hope

I bought in SA in Feb but you need a script as a schedule 5 drug .i was given 6 month I only got 3 months and now can’t get in UK .Very frustrated I take it with Tertroxin .You need to diet though I’ve lost 18 kg
2 years ago
Reply to  Hope

Hi Hope, did you came right to buy Duromine in South Africa? For I also want to buy.

10 months ago

I want to buy duromine. I am obese and need 40 mg

Jo Volkmer
Jo Volkmer
9 months ago

Hi. I trying to get hold
Of duromine and I can’t get it. My
Doctor won’t give me a script. Where can I get it. I’m
In Brisbane Qld

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