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Until recently, few effective and safe pharmacological options for obesity treatment were suitable for most obese people. Wegovy injection, which began to be called the Holy Grail in the fight against being overweight, changed this situation. How does Wegovy work for weight loss? On this page, you will learn about it and find all the useful information about the drug.

What is Wegovy, and how does it work

Wegovy weight loss injection is the newest drug that changes the game’s rules when losing weight. It is an easy-to-use medical device (autoinjector) containing a liquid solution. Although the solution is injected through the needle, you will not even see it due to the features of the handle’s design.

So, what is Wegovy used for? Obviously, this drug is used to fight overweight. Can everyone use Wegovy? The short answer is NO; you have to meet certain requirements.

Wegovy may be a suitable treatment option if your BMI:

  • ≥30 – obesity class 1, class 2 (heavy) or class 3 (morbidly).
  • In the range of ≥27 and ≤29.9 combined with medical problems related to weight.

Wegovy mechanism of action stands out against the background of oral weight loss pills in that this drug acts in several directions:

  • Causes a slight delay in emptying the stomach, which helps people to feel full longer and, therefore, to eat less.
  • Affects areas of the brain that are involved in the regulation of appetite.
  • Normalizes high blood sugar levels by stimulating insulin secretion.

People who start injections stabilise their blood sugar and, consequently, their appetite. They feel full when using smaller portions, resulting in weight loss. It should be noted that Wegovy medication has a very long half-life (approximately 7 days). In this case, for the drug to start working optimally, it must accumulate in the body. This may take several weeks.

Wegovy ingredients

The active ingredient in Wegovy is known as Semaglutide. It was developed in 2012 as a means to control blood sugar. As a cure for obesity, Wegovy received a green light from the medical regulatory authorities (TGA, FDA, EMA, etc.) in 2021-2022.

In addition to the active ingredient, the liquid solution contains inactive ingredients necessary for the drug’s storage and better operation. These include the following:

  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Sterile water for injections
  • Sodium chloride
  • Hydrochloric acid
  • Dibasic sodium phosphate dihydrate

How to get Wegovy for weight loss in Australia

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Buy Wegovy online in Australia

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Wegovy 0.25 mg

Wegovy 0.25 mg - a pen with minimal Semaglutide content. Applied at the beginning of the treatment of overweight or obesity. Duration of use 4 weeks.Green label pen Weeks 1-4 Semaglutide concentration: 0.5mg/mL

Wegovy 0.5 mg

Wegovy 0.5mg - pre-filled pen with a higher content of Semaglutide active ingredient. Duration of use 4 weeks. It will change at the second stage of the dose increase.Pink-label pen Weeks 5-8 Semaglutide concentration: 1 mg/mL

Wegovy 1.0 mg

Wegovy 1.0 mg - contains even more Semaglutide for appetite suppressant effect. It will change in the third step of increasing the dose—duration of use 4 weeks.Brown-label pen Weeks 9-12 Semaglutide concentration: 2 mg/mL

Wegovy 1.7 mg

Wegovy 1.7mg is the last of the weekly doses used before using a maintenance dose. For 4 weeks, it allows you to see significant results in the weight loss program.Blue-label pen Weeks 13-16 Semaglutide concentration: 2.27 mg/mL

Wegovy 2.4 mg

Wegovy 2.4 mg - syringe pen for the administration of maintenance doses. It helps to control the appetite and amount eaten as efficiently as possible and is used for a long time.Black label pen Weeks 17 and beyond Semaglutide concentration: 3.2 mg/mL

How much weight will I lose on Wegovy?

So what does Wegovy do to your body, and what results can you expect?

If you do everything correctly, you can expect the percentage of body fat and waist circumference to decrease. Weight loss can improve your health and help prevent or treat some acute or chronic diseases.

How much weight can you lose with Wegovy? Research has shown that, on average, a person loses 14.9% on Wegovy. We’ve done the math and are providing a table to help you figure out how many pounds you will lose in 68 weeks of treatment.

Starting weight (kilograms)

Wegovy: the achieved weight 

Wegovy: kilo loss

Placebo: achieved weight

Placebo: kilo loss










































This table includes data from the research done by Novo Nordisk and published by TGA. Other interesting facts that can be found in these studies:
  • Almost 30% of subjects lost 20% of their weight, compared to 1.7% of those who did not use the drug.
  • Greater changes in lifestyle and diets result in an average weight loss of 16%.
  • More than 83% of people who used Wegovy achieved clinically significant weight loss (5% or more) compared to about 31% of those who did not use it.
It is worth noting that each person who has started treatment will have a different injection experience. But the results above are unequivocally encouraging and promise good prospects for obesity treatment.

Wegovy weight loss reviews Australia

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Wegovy: before and after success stories

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Wegovy FAQ

Wegovy is a new drug to fight overweight or obesity that is already available! Due to the high demand in 2022, it was sometimes difficult to find in some countries, but the manufacturer promised that it would quickly change this situation.

Wegovy is currently supplied in packages containing 2 or 4 pre-filled pens. Keep this drug in its original packaging until you need pens. The recommended storage temperature range is 2-8°C. It is recommended to store the product in a refrigerator (protect against freezing). At temperatures between 8°C and 30°C, the pens should be kept for a maximum of 4 weeks.

Clinical studies prove the effectiveness and safety of Wegovy for weight loss in obese adults. The drug was thoroughly tested by the TGA, after which it was approved. Improper use of syringes or excessive doses increases the risk of side effects.

All drugs are approved by the national pharmacological services before they are available. Wegovy was first approved in the United States in June 2021. In early 2022, the drug was licensed, approved and certified by the European Medical Agency for sale on the European market. In September 2022, Wegovy was approved in Australia.

In 2022, there was a shortage of Wegovy both in Australia and worldwide. Many pharmacies have problems with stocks of this drug. When you read this article, the situation may change. Contact the pharmacy to confirm the availability of injection pens.

You can find information about Wegovy’s cost or availability in the pharmacy. It can be done in person, by phone or online. If you want to order Wegovy in an online pharmacy, the actual cost of the injection pens is visible immediately.

This drug does not work quickly, but after all, you have not gained your weight immediately. It takes four months to reach the maximum dose of 2.4 mg. Depending on your body’s sensitivity to the drug, it may take several days, weeks or months to fully experience the effect of appetite suppression.

All organisms are different, so you can not answer this question clearly. Obviously, if the drug is not used, it no longer reduces appetite. Maybe you’ll get your appetite back, start eating more and gain weight. Given that Wegovy has been taken for a long time, the body may get used to a new diet without the constant appearance of hunger.

As a result of clinical trials, it has been determined that the maintenance and maximum dose of Wegovy for most people is 2.4 mg. Too much medication or increased use won’t cure obesity faster. Overdose significantly increases the risk of adverse reactions from the gastrointestinal tract.

Diet choices should be based on your personal preferences and/or a doctor’s (dietician) recommendations. You must create a calorie deficit to reduce body fat and lose weight. If you want, it can be done on any healthy diet. However, it must be understood that no diet is equally good for everyone. Each organism reacts differently because of its metabolism.

Both drugs contain the active ingredient Semaglutide, which is administered subcutaneously once every 7 days. A physician may prescribe both medications to treat overweight or obesity, although Ozempic’s official indication is type 2 diabetes. According to NPS MedicineWise, the maximum dose of Ozempic is 1 mg. The same drug is sold in the US, but there the maximum allowed dose is 2 mg.

Given that this is an injection drug, not an oral medication, first read the instructions for use carefully. You can choose and change one of the three places for the injection solution (shoulder, hip or abdomen). To do the injection, you need to press the pen tightly (the side where there is a cap with a needle) to the skin; no buttons need to press. The duration of the injection is up to 15 seconds. Watch for a mechanical indicator with a moving yellow band; it will tell you when the injection will be finished.

  • The active ingredient Semaglutide is part of a class of drugs known as GLP-1 RA long-acting. Drugs of this type have a similar chemical structure and related mode of action. They are attractive options for treating excess weight and type 2 diabetes.