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Many doctors and health care professionals have declared the new weight loss drug Semaglutide the "Holy Grail" in fighting obesity. That’s how it earned this status:

● It allows you to lose weight by 17.4% in 68 weeks.
● The TGA approved it for long use.

What is Semaglutide, and how does it work for weight loss

It is a liquid solution for subcutaneous injection in a plastic pen with a built-in mechanical dispenser. The pens (PDS290) are for self-use at home.

Semaglutide simulates the action of the hormone glucagon-like peptide-1. As for the final action, the drug:

  • Suppresses appetite both on an empty stomach and during meals.
  • Reduces food cravings between meals.
  • Prevents portioned intake of food in the intestines.
  • Reduces the concentration of sugar in the blood plasma.
  • Helps glucose penetrate muscle tissues for getting energy.

What is Semaglutide for people with obesity? It is a real chance to get rid of excess body fat. To see that the drug works and your expectations are met, you should be physically active and have a balanced diet.

How to get Semaglutide for weight loss

You can spend time and money on a doctor or find other ways to get Semaglutide by googling a request “where can I get Semaglutide”.

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Semaglutide (Ozempic) injection for weight loss: what is it

A unique mechanism of the pre-filled pen makes it possible to:

  • Measure the dose accurately.
  • Adjust the dose fast.
  • Inject the solution into the fat tissue under the skin.
  • Feed the solution many times.

Semaglutide pen (device PDS290) has a rotating, easy-to-read digital display. After the dose injection, the spring mechanism works, and the display reads 0.

You can find Semaglutide for weight loss in Australia, the USA, Canada, the EU and many other countries. The TGA officially approved this medical device. And the device was registered with ARTG in 2019. It has passed all clinical and laboratory tests, and its supply is legal.

Semaglutide weight loss
reviews in Australia

Most people find it easier to fight excess weight when they learn about someone else's experience with Semaglutide injections in Australia. Read genuine reviews to learn more about the achievements and problems during treatment.

Where to buy Semaglutide weight loss pen injection

Semaglutide is a unique drug that allows you to lose weight faster and easier than before. Don't waste your time. Take the first step and buy a pen-injector 0.25-0.5 mg or 1 mg/dose at a pharmacy, from trusted NGU sellers or in any other way convenient for you. Before starting a treatment course, you can consult your doctor or pharmacist. Do this if you haven't previously received medical treatment for obesity and don't know how to use a pen-injector.

Semaglutide FAQ

8 Semaglutide Frequently
Asked Questions
We know that progress in reducing body fat can be slow or stop at all. Moreover, many situations may require additional support on the way to a beautiful figure. That's why we post this section where you can get answers to the most frequently asked questions during obesity treatment. So, welcome to our FAQ.
This drug was first approved for obesity treatment in the USA in 2021. At the beginning of 2022, it was approved for use in EU countries. At the time of writing this article, Australian regulators didn’t formally approve the drug weight loss. It is possible that the situation has changed when you read this article and the TGA registered it.

This substance has a unique combined mechanism of action. It reduces food intake by increasing satiety and slowing down digestion. An additional effect is the reduction of high blood glucose concentration, which benefits the weight control program.

It is difficult to answer this question because all cases are individual. All you can say for sure is that the optimal anorexigenic effect comes in 4-6 weeks of treatment after achieving the maximum dose. About this time, you begin to notice that your body fat decreases.

It all depends on the type of pen you use and the treatment stage. The injection solution concentration may differ, affecting the total number of doses. The higher the dose you inject, the fewer the total number of doses in the pen.

For example, at the beginning of treatment, with one pen 2 mg/1.5 ml, you can inject

  • 4 doses of 0.25 mg and
  • 2 doses of 0.5 mg.

This pen is enough to inject 4 doses of 0.5 mg.

The drug has a very long half-life of about 160 hours or 7 days. In other words, only half of the dose taken excretes from the body in a week. After the last dose, the active substance will be present in the blood for approximately 5 weeks.

According to many clinical studies, this drug doesn’t change resting metabolic rate. Your energy consumption (metabolism) changes when you adopt a healthy and active lifestyle.

Consumer Medicine Information (CMI) is the leaflet that comes with the autoinjector and is usually inside the carton package. It includes information on:
  • Dosing schedule.
  • Possible adverse reactions.
  • Interactions.
  • Mechanism of action.
  • Clinical trials, etc.
Read the leaflet carefully before starting treatment. You can see the Australian CMI for diabetics or the Semaglutide leaflet (Wegovy) for obesity treatment published by the European Medicines Agency.

Broadly speaking, bioavailability is an indicator that characterizes the percentage of the active substance getting into the blood. This indicator varies depending on the pharmaceutical form of the drug.

  • Bioavailability is 89% with the usual injection method of administration.
  • Bioavailability is only 1% with oral administration.

You can buy Semaglutide oral tablets (Rybelsus 3 mg, 7 mg and 14 mg) in Australia. And after taking them, only 1% of the active substance penetrates the blood.