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Saxenda Meal Plan: Your Ultimate Guide to Weight Loss in Australia

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 β€“ Updated May 8, 2023
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 β€“ Updated May 8, 2023
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Let’s face it: obesity drugs won’t work alone. Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight necessitate dietary changes requiring time, effort and possibly a larger budget.

The drug will do its job, and you should do yours if you want to see the best results with Saxenda. The weight should decrease at the expense of fat deposits and not muscle mass, which you can lose with an unbalanced diet.

Saxenda – foods to avoid and why

  • Sweet desserts and drinks – with a high degree of probability, they cause the greatest harm to the body in terms of fast gaining extra weight and developing chronic diseases such as diabetes.
  • Refined carbohydrates – typically made from healthy whole grains, they contain almost no dietary fibers, vitamins, and minerals. It is believed that these products cause sustainable food addiction.
  • Fried foods rich in trans fats – since it can be difficult to avoid the consumption of trans isomers of fatty acids completely, it would be better to limit fried foods, especially those cooked for a long time.
  • Fast food or unhealthy restaurant food – when you eat on the go or in a restaurant, be aware it is easy to lose control of what you eat in these cases. Some dishes or snacks are tasty but still harmful, especially when combined with carbonated or alcoholic drinks.

Although there are no wholly banned foods, cutting down on something specific may be necessary. You should select foods considering the tastes and characteristics of a person’s lifestyle.

What to eat while on Saxenda

Scientists suggest that stable weight loss may motivate people to stick to the selected program. But maintaining a healthy food balance while on a diet can be a problem.

Important advice: before starting any diet, you should consult a nutritionist. He will help you select the most suitable diet.

So, what to eat on Saxenda (in reasonable amounts) to improve results and ensure you don’t suddenly gain weight again?

  • Various fruits and vegetables, which can be fresh, frozen, canned or dried.
  • Olive and sesame oils and many other vegetable oils containing essential micro elements.
  • Proteins (plant and animal) that increase muscle mass and satiety by increasing the level of free amino acids.
  • Fat fish including salmon, trout, and sardines, which are excellent sources of protein and essential fatty acids.
  • Whole-grain carbohydrates with the lowest glycemic index.

Saxenda meal plan

One of the universal truths about weight loss is that if you want to eat less, you need a strategy to make you feel full. Otherwise, you will constantly fight hunger, and it is impossible to win such a battle.

It’s great there is a drug like Saxenda that can:

  • Slow down the flow of food into the intestines.
  • Increase satiety.

When food consumption is under control for months, the percentage of body fat will inevitably decrease.

Another important point is that you should include various foods in your meal plan to make up for the deficiency of the essential micro- and macro elements.

Increased exercise can lower blood sugar levels. So, you should include proteins and complex carbohydrates in your diet to maintain a healthy balance of macro elements.

Keeping a Saxenda food diary is another way to help you achieve maximum weight loss results. You should write down absolutely everything you eat during the day. Thus, you will keep everything under control and will immediately notice how changes in your daily menu affect your weight loss progress.

And most importantly

it is IMPOSSIBLE to eliminate excess fat without creating a calorie deficit.

You should consider all of these when making a personal Saxenda diet plan.


It should be noted that nutritionists avoid giving straightforward advice since there is no diet suitable for every person and lifestyle. However, there are universal diets you may like and which may be right for you.

Treating obesity is a marathon, not a sprint. We know it’s not easy to make significant changes, which is why we support small daily changes in a diet. Start small and see big changes over time.

If you want to see the alternatives of Saxenda meal plan for Australia, read the Weight Loss blog.

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