Which is better: Wegovy or Plenity

Wegovy vs Plenity: Drugs Comparison

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 – Updated April 19, 2023
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 – Updated April 19, 2023
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Table of Contents

For people who face the problem of being overweight, there is an acute issue of weight loss. Unfortunately, losing extra pounds is not as easy as gaining them, especially if you have gained them for decades. The usual recipe, “less eating and more moving”, is difficult to fulfil when it comes to being overweight and obese when the metabolism changes, and tolerating food restrictions is very challenging. Here comes the aid of modern pharmacology, offering effective and safe drugs to treat obesity. The most famous of these medications is Wegovy, officially approved by the TGA for weight control.

The active ingredient of this drug is semaglutide. It belongs to the GLP-1 hormone inhibitor group and affects the appetite centre in the brain. Against the background of Wegovy, there is a significant reduction in appetite and a rejection of fatty and calorie products. All this, combined with increased physical activity, allows you to achieve good results in weight loss with Wegovy. There are many other slimming drugs with different mechanisms of action. For example, Plenity.

How Plenity works?

The drug is a dietary supplement approved by the FDA for weight control. It includes natural cellulose and citric acid. The main goal of Plenity is to create a feeling of a full stomach, so you eat less. To do this, capsules are taken 20 minutes before the meal, with a lot of water. When absorbed into the stomach, the cellulose swells and creates a feeling of satiety. Plenity ingredients are not absorbed and are excreted naturally from the body.

How effective is the drug? According to the study’s data, 59% of adults with obesity had a significant result when using Plenity. The average weight loss was 10% of the initial body weight. The overall weight loss was 5% compared to the placebo group.

The great advantage of this dietary supplement is minimal side effects of Wegovy, which are usually expressed in symptoms such as bloating, flatulence or abdominal pain. The drug is not addictive, and you can get off it anytime.

Which is better: Wegovy or Plenity?

Since the goal for prescribing both drugs is weight control and weight loss, the question arises: which one is better? Unfortunately, there is no clear answer. First of all, Plenity is a dietary supplement, and Wegovy is a drug with proven efficacy. A doctor should prescribe both drugs according to the general picture of the disease and your individual characteristics.

In some cases, the reduction of stomach volume by cellulose is insufficient. It happens, for example, when a person suffers from a severe degree of obesity and his stomach is badly distended. Ask a specialist for advice if you have to choose between Wegovy or Plenity. They will explain why you fit a particular drug and give recommendations for admission. Then the result will not take long.


The comparison between Wegovy and Plenity is not entirely correct, as they belong to different classes of drugs. The first is medicine, and the second is a food supplement. However, you can get a good result on any of them if you follow the instructions clearly, and the drug can solve your problem.

Before starting treatment, consult a doctor who will give the necessary recommendations and dispel your doubts. Do not self-medicate! Even a dietary supplement without indications of its use can provoke health problems.

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