is wegovy the same as semaglutide

Is Semaglutide the Same as Wegovy or Not?

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 – Updated April 19, 2023
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 – Updated April 19, 2023
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Table of Contents

The popularity of the weight loss drug Wegovy continues to grow, thanks to the excellent results noted by all who use it. This medication is designed for weight control and is approved by the TGA for obesity therapy. Its active ingredient is semaglutide. But is Wegovy the same as semaglutide? Let’s figure it out.

First of all, let’s find out what semaglutide is and why it can make weight loss possible. It belongs to the category of glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists. The mechanism of its action comes down to stimulating insulin secretion by the pancreas and reducing the glucose level in the blood. Against this background, the appetite and craving for food are also reduced, along with interest in fatty and high-energy foods.

As can be seen, the properties of semaglutide allow the application of this substance in two cases:

In diabetes therapy, it allows you to exercise glycemic control, and in obesity therapy – to reduce appetite. Both in the first and second cases, you can lose weight, but with the treatment of diabetes, it will be more likely to be a side effect of the treatment.

Does this mean that any drug containing semaglutide can be used in diabetes and obesity therapy? No, it’s not like that. That is why several names of drugs with such an active substance are on the market, which are used to solve different tasks.

For example, Ozempic is used exclusively to control blood glucose, and Wegovy is used to control obesity and its complications. Although the active ingredient of each of these drugs is semaglutide, there is a difference between them.

Wegovy vs semaglutide: what’s the difference

Despite the same active ingredient, there is a significant difference that determines the targeted use of the drug. It is a dosage. If you look at the drug manual, the maximum dosage for Ozempic is 1 mg semaglutide and for Wegovy – 2.4 mg. Thus, the difference between preparations containing semaglutide is the amount of this active substance in each of them.

Is it possible to compare Wegovy and semaglutide in this respect? No, because, in fact, they are the same thing. Wegovy has all semaglutide properties, and the dosage determines their severity. Drugs designed to treat diabetes are strictly contraindicated to people without this disease, even though these medications cause weight loss.

If you are obese and want to lose weight, you will not fit any drug with semaglutide. The only officially approved weight loss medication with this active ingredient is Wegovy. It can be used by people without diabetes for a long time. If you want to try the drug, contact a specialist who will give detailed instructions and develop a treatment plan.


Semaglutide is the active ingredient of Wegovy and several other drugs. Its effect on the body is seen in reducing blood glucose and appetite. These qualities allow the use of semaglutide in the treatment of type 2 diabetes and obesity therapy. The severity of the properties of the active substance depends on the dosage, but in general, semaglutide and Wegovy are the same.

At the same time, medications with semaglutide need to be used strictly on purpose; otherwise, you may face unpleasant side effects and harm your health.

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