How Much Lose on Duromine

How Much Weight Can You Lose on Duromine Per Week?

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 โ€“ Updated May 5, 2023
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Table of Contents

Everyone who has heard about this drug wonders how much weight can you lose on Duromine? Also, many people want to know how soon you can get results. This article will address these questions by surveying the statistics of various scientific studies. Also, we will review Duromine effective weight loss stories from our blog members.

Duromine capsules and their active ingredient phentermine regularly go through clinical trials to determine the drug’s effectiveness. The result of each trial is a detailed answer to the question “How much weight do you lose on Duromine ?

According to a study by Susan Z.Yanowski and Jack A.Yanovski, 70% of patients lost significant weight after taking phentermine regularly. A significant result, isnโ€™t it? Especially if compared with lorcaserin or orlistat, the effectiveness of which in the same study was only in 37% of the subjects.

Data from the authoritative edition “The Cleveland Clinic” show the expected weight loss on Duromine. One hundred and fifty patients of different ages and gender with a BMI higher than average were enrolled in the study, cited by the edition. BMI is a person’s weight in kilograms divided by the square of height in meters (kg/mยฒ).

BMI formula = weight : (height in meters x height in meters).
BMI between 25-30 falls within the overweight range.
BMI 30 or higher falls within the obesity range.

The research has proven that taking Duromine for 12 weeks results in losing between 7-12% of the weight. The article also states that this phentermine-containing medication is one of the most effective pharmacological products for weight loss.

How much weight will I lose on Duromine in a week or month? The data from scientists Kyoung Kon Kim and Hi-Jung Cho will help us answer this question. The study was performed on 800 patients and showed that the average weight loss was 1,2 kg in the first two weeks of taking phentermine. The participants lost up to 2 kg in the first month. The study showed that after 14 weeks on phentermine, patients lost 7-12% of their initial body weight – an average of 9-12 kg.

You will learn even more amazing statistics later in this article. We will tell you about users of our blog who shared their personal stories about how much and how to lose weight on Duromine.

Duromine Weight Loss per Week

Many clinical studies have shown that Duromine weight loss per week is 1-2 kg. Although, after reading stories of the users of our blog, you may run into more impressive results.

For example, the user Shaney shared her overwhelming experience:

โ€œMy hard work is paying off!! 5 kilos in 9 days best feeling in the world have gone from 114.5kgs to 109.5!โ€

Another user, Sonik, shares a similar story:

“I started 15mg Duromine 10 days ago. My starting weight was 86 kilos due to binge eating and stress…My current weight is 76 kilos. I didn’t think the Duromine would work this quickly, I myself have noticed subtle changes, but I have family and friends who have noticed the 10 kilos come off.โ€

The experience of user Savy proves that Duromine can bring results that are much higher than average:

โ€œI just finished my first week and have lost 5.6kg. I still have a long way to go, but for a start, my work clothes are not as tight anymore.โ€

Evidently, Duromine weight loss first week may bring higher results than clinical studies show.

How Much Weight Can You Lose on Duromine 30 mg

Does dose affect the efficiency of the medication? This is a difficult question.

Each participant was given an individual dose in the clinical research mentioned above. Most doctors consider that Duromine 30 mg suits most people because the concentration of the active ingredient can provide high efficacy of the drug with a low risk of adverse effects.

Many people would like to know how much weight can you lose on Duromine 30mg? The experience of our blog users shows that you may lose up to 30 kg in three months.

The user Fetalia shares her story:

โ€œThanks to Duromine 2 years ago, I have lost 30 kg. I decided to share my experience with those who are now going through this difficult path. I was scared at first but decided to start with 15 mg. I read that 15 mg has fewer side effects. This dose didn’t seem to work for me, and in order to improve my Duromine results after 1 month, I increased the dosing to 30 mg.
Duromine really helped me suppress my appetite, and I started to lose weight.โ€


The user Natty shares the similar results of weight loss with Duromine 30mg:

โ€œMinus 36 kg! It is a totally different life. Thank you, Duromine 30 mg!โ€


Average Weight Loss on Duromine

After reading the stories of our blog users, you may notice that the results can be quite different. Someone achieved excellent results (30 kg or more in three months). What is average weight loss on Duromine? To get reliable information, it is best to refer to official statistics. According to the UCLA study, women lost 7.9 kg, while men lost 9.6 kg in 12 weeks, which averages 2.8 kg and 3.4 kg per month, respectively.

Average Weight Loss on Duromine 30mg

Average weight loss on Duromine 30mg was determined during the studies by Korean scientists in 2010.

Taking the capsules for 12 weeks has shown the following results:

  • 95% of participants achieved up to 5% weight reduction,
  • 65% of participants achieved up to 10% weight reduction.

Average Weight Loss on Duromine 40mg

Another research conducted by Korean scientists from Yonsei University shows average weight loss on Duromine 40mg.

According to the results of the study:

  • more than 80% of participants accomplished weight reduction up to 7%,
  • more than 50% of participants accomplished weight reduction up to 12%.

Summing Up

Clinical studies prove the high efficiency of phentermine-containing drugs. Taking Duromine capsules may result in losing 1.2 kg during the first week of treatment and up to 3 kg during the first month. On average, in three months, patients lose 9-12% of their initial weight on Duromine. Moreover, the experience of our blog users proves that results may be even higher than those received in the clinical studies.

At that, you may notice higher results during the first 14 days. Duromine results after 2 weeks, though, might seem to be lowering. However, it is important to note that your weight is already lower, so you need to reconsider your eating plan to keep achieving higher weight loss every week.

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