Lose Weight on Duromine

How to Lose Weight on Duromine: Tips and Tricks

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 â€“ Updated May 29, 2023
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Table of Contents

Nowadays, hundreds of thousands of people lose weight on Duromine. However, some people get rid of extra kilos faster than others.

What is the reason? How can you find the best way to lose weight on Duromine? People who are taking the medication as well as those who just have started their journey face similar questions.

This article will answer these questions and address the factors that contribute to healthy weight loss on Duromine.

How to Take Duromine for Best Results

The safest way to take Duromine is to find the right dosage. Your doctor may recommend either 15mg or 30mg dose, depending on your health condition. If the lower dose won’t bring the desired effect and if you don’t have severe adverse reactions, your doctor may increase the dosage to the highest possible (40 mg).

Obesity is a problem that needs time to be solved. The answer to the question of how to take Duromine for best results is quite obvious. First of all, a patient should stick to the intake dose plan for the whole 3-months treatment course.

Remember that you may take only one capsule per day. The best way to take Duromine is early in the morning (on an empty stomach or right before your breakfast). If you didn’t manage to take a pill in the morning, you might do it before noon. Experts don’t recommend taking medicine in the evening because it may cause insomnia.

Exceeding the daily dose without discussing it with your doctor is not the best way to use Duromine because it may cause severe adverse effects. Also, you shouldn’t stop taking the medication suddenly. Consult your doctor if you’ve noticed a rebound effect after several weeks or months of treatment (absence of progress, weight gain).

Next, we will discuss how to get the best results from Duromine and what factors affect a successful weight loss journey.

How to Increase the Effects of Duromine

Everyone who wonders how to increase the effects of Duromine should remember the importance of a reduction in total calorie intake. A patient has to limit eating products high in fat, sugar, and salt to lose weight.

Are you wondering how to use Duromine effectively? We have another helpful piece of advice on how to get the most out of Duromine – you should be psychologically ready for your weight loss journey. A nutritional therapist may help you define the psychological triggers that provoke you to consume more than you need for a healthy weight.

A great way how to make Duromine more effective is to increase your physical activity. Going in for sports at least 3 times a week will help you achieve significant results. However, if your body isn’t used to intensive workouts and physical exercises, you may try yoga, pilates, or Nordic walking (start with 30 minutes a day and gradually increase the time). Together with a balanced diet, physical activity boosts metabolism, which leads to weight loss.

How to Make Duromine Work Faster

Duromine capsules will bring quicker results if you follow a balanced diet and increase physical activity throughout a 3-months treatment course.

Drink not less than 3 liters of water per day because it is an important aspect of a successful weight loss progress. Water contributes to the better absorption of capsules and supports the body’s vital functions.

Also, you should eat more high-fiber and protein food to improve your metabolism and feel fuller for longer. Eating more nutritious foods instead of high-calorie is one of the effective ways how to make Duromine 15mg work faster. This recommendation is also suitable for higher doses of the medication (30mg and 40mg).

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How to Lose Weight Fast on Duromine

As you may know, Duromine is an anorectic that has high efficiency and suppresses appetite due to stimulating neurons to release neurotransmitters (noradrenaline) by the central nervous system. By suppressing appetite, Duromine blocks the process, which leads to an excess of calories consumed.

Remember that the medicine doesn’t burn fat but helps your body get rid of it due to a calorie deficit. This is the best way how to lose weight fast on Duromine. Two key factors contribute to it: a healthy diet and physical activity.

How to Lose Weight Fast on Duromine 15mg

A doctor may prescribe you Duromine 15 mg if you have

  • a low BMI (body mass index);
  • comorbidities and/or contraindications.

This dose may be used for the whole 3-months treatment course; however, your doctor may increase it if the expected results aren’t achieved. Controlling your diet and gradual increase of daily activity is the best way how to lose weight fast on Duromine 15mg.

How to Lose Weight Fast on Duromine 30mg

Doctors may prescribe Duromine 30mg to people who just started taking the medication and those who’ve already taken phentermine. These capsules have a higher concentration of the active ingredient than the 15mg dose.

Are you wondering how to lose weight fast on Duromine 30mg? Whatever dose you take, the recommendations are the same: you should increase your physical activity and eat right, limiting foods high in fat, sugar, and salt.

How to Lose Weight Fast on Duromine 40mg

Duromine 40mg is a dose with the highest concentration of phentermine prescribed in the following cases:

  • if a patient didn’t have any serious adverse effects when taking phentermine,
  • if lower dosage didn’t bring the desired result.

Regular physical activity and a healthy diet are the best recipes for how to lose weight fast on Duromine 40mg.

Best Time to Take Duromine

Taking into account the fact that the active ingredient of the drug, phentermine, stimulates the release of norepinephrine, you should follow the drug regimens. When to take Duromine? For most people, the answer is morning. Duromine contains polymer-ion exchange resins that slowly release phentermine into the gastrointestinal system and allow its absorption into the blood throughout the day, leading to prolonged appetite suppression.

If you miss taking the drug before your breakfast, you may have it anytime before noon.

The evening is not the best time to take Duromine. The most common reaction to late drug intake is insomnia, associated with the release of neurotransmitters in the brain.

Nowadays, the most urgent question is: What time should I take Duromine if I work at night and wake up in the afternoon? In this case, you shouldn’t follow the standard applied to most patients. So,  when is the best time to take Duromine? The answer is the first three hours after waking up. Also, you shouldn’t take the medication 8 hours before sleep because it may cause insomnia.

Following the regimens, remember the key rule of how to take Duromine for weight loss. If you didn’t manage to take a capsule, you shouldn’t take a double dose the next day because it may result in adverse reactions.

Duromine Tips and Tricks

To make the treatment course more comfortable, specialists suggest the following  Duromine tips and tricks:

  • Take capsules with water. If you have an uncomfortable feeling in your stomach after taking the medication, some yogurt may help.
  • Drink a lot of water (up to 3 liters) throughout the day. It will make your body function better.
  • Drink warm tea to relax abdominal muscles and relieve cramps possible due to the limitations in food.
  • Refrain from drinking alcohol with food or Saxenda because ethanol increases the risk of possible side effects.

Summing Up

Take advantage of the changes Duromine makes to your body, and it will bring the fastest result possible. Follow the drug regimens and pay attention to the reaction to the drug. Take more nutritious food instead of food rich in fats and gradually increase your physical activity. It will help you lose weight faster on Duromine and avoid possible adverse reactions.

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