How to get prescribed Duromine

Duromine Prescription Requirements: What to Know

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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

What is Duromine prescribed for? To enable you to achieve one or more of your goals:

  • To have the ideal body;
  • To achieve a healthier weight;
  • To solve the problem of overeating.

In this article, we will discuss Duromine prescription requirements in Australia and cover the topic of interest to you in detail. So if this is of interest to you, read on.

Do I need a prescription for Duromine

You can find this drug in many local Australian pharmacies, but you need a prescription to buy it. Healthcare professionals cannot write prescriptions for Phentermine-containing diet pills without medical indications. They are responsible for starting and stopping pharmaceutical treatment for obesity.

How to get prescribed Duromine

For over 60 years, this drug has helped obese men and women curb increased appetite and progress on weight loss. Previously, as now, this drug was available only by prescription.

Well, how to get Duromine prescribed in Australia?

If your weight loss progress has stalled and you think you need appetite suppressants, you should see your doctor. A doctor may prescribe diet pills if you have a high body mass index (BMI). A high BMI means your body weight doesn’t match your height.

Specifically, to qualify for a prescription, your BMI must be:

  • β‰₯30: obesity of class 1, class 2 (severe) or class 3 (morbidly).
  • Between β‰₯27 and ≀29.9 in association with weight-related health problems.

You can start treatment if a doctor agrees it is right for you.

How to get a Duromine prescription if I have obvious weight problems but my BMI is less than 27?

You may not meet the standard Duromine eligibility requirements. The thing is that BMI is not always accurate in assessing body fat for some sportsmen (for example, bodybuilders), certain ethnic groups, people under 18 and over 65, people with physical disabilities, etc.

If you are not overweight but have a large waist circumference, a qualified specialist will consider starting obesity treatment. You can get diagnosed with abdominal obesity if you have a waist circumference β‰₯94 cm and β‰₯80 cm for men and women, respectively.

How to get a script for Duromine if I am under 16?

Doctors in the USA and many other countries do not prescribe Phentermine-containing pills to people under 16 years of age. In Australia, the situation is different. People over 12 years may be suitable candidates for anti-obesity therapy.

Can I get a Duromine prescription online in Australia?

New technologies have a significant impact on healthcare. They improve access to health care, especially during recurring coronavirus outbreaks. You may be able to use telehealth services but look into it first. Terms of service may vary depending on state or territory regulations.

Today, many prescriptions get signed, sent and processed electronically. Many drugstores accept e-prescriptions. If necessary, you can send a prescription for weight loss pills Duromine via SMS, Email or QR-code.

Doctors that prescribe Duromine near me

According to some reports, this drug has a large market share (approximately 70%) of prescription slimming pills in Australia. If you meet the necessary criteria, you can easily find a bariatrician or other authorised medical professional who will prescribe a treatment.

Doctors who prescribe Duromine in Sydney

Doctors who prescribe Duromine in Melbourne

Doctors who prescribe Duromine in Brisbane

What to say to the doctor to get Duromine

Not all people who seek medical help receive the treatment they expect. So, many of them ask: How to get a doctor to prescribe Duromine?

Don’t put off talking to your doctor. It’s hard to fight obesity which has been developing for a long time.

Some doctors are reluctant to prescribe anorectics. So it would be better for you to get ready for the meeting. Think ahead about what you will say.

Here are some tips:

  • Tell in detail about your attempts to lose weight and your results.
  • Report if you have other medical conditions, especially those that can have a heavy course due to excess weight.
  • Be honest, and explain how important it is to you to get slim.
  • Get the answer to the question β€œCan you claim Duromine on private health insurance?”.

In any case, a doctor will conduct a suitability assessment for therapy. He should give you the following information:

  • Diagnosis and nature of the disease.
  • Risks and benefits of treatment.
  • Goals and expected results.
  • Possible side effects and other risks associated with treatment.

If he refuses you, ask your doctor what might help in your situation. If you disagree with his opinion, consult another specialist.

Will my doctor give me Duromine if I have taken these diet pills before?

You must understand that the doctor may think you do not need Duromine, and he may have good reasons for it. A new course of treatment is possible, but time must pass so that the body can again respond to the anorectic action.

You must give the prescription you get from your doctor to the pharmacist. Consult a doctor whenever you have any questions or concerns about treatment.

Duromine over the counter

You can join the NGU, the Australian weight loss community, if you are interested in buying popular diet pills. After you join the NGU, you can find the support you need on your path to a healthy life. Find out how the forum administration works with the sellers of obesity drugs.

A step-by-step guide on how to order Duromine over the counter in Australia:

  • Go and register at the NGU
  • Get premium membership
  • Find the “Verified sellers” section
  • Learn how to get Duromine without a subscription or with it
  • Select the supplier you liked
  • Find out if non-prescription Duromine is delivered to your region
  • Place an order and pay for it in a convenient way

The black market of Duromine is booming as more people strive to achieve a healthy weight. Be cautious with instant scripts for Duromine. Buy slimming pills only from trusted sources.

Many people find it easier to lose weight and switch to a healthy lifestyle when they learn about someone else’s experience. Read reviews at the NGU to learn more about the dosing regimen, results achieved, side effects, and over-the-counter substitutes for Duromine.


Do you know that many people are overweight and ignore it? Don’t repeat their mistake.

Try Duromine. It’s one real way to achieve a stronger and potentially longer-lasting response to lifestyle changes.

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