How Maintain Healthy Weight Duromine Discontinuation

How To Maintain A Healthy Weight After Duromine Discontinuation

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 – Updated June 30, 2022
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Duromine helps to lose weight quickly. This is a fact!

But what should be done after the treatment discontinuation to prevent repeated weight gain as a minimum, and continue losing weight as a maximum?

Duromine truly does reduce hunger, but is not capable of teaching you to control appetite on your own.

If you have successfully reduced your weight and no longer experience excessive craving for food – Great Job!

  • Keep to a healthy diet and achieve even greater weight loss results.

If increased appetite returned once you discontinued Duromine – Learn to Manage Your Appetite!
Find an effective way to get your appetite under control and stop overeating.

Professional nutritionists give different tips and tricks that can help you better understand “How to reduce hunger without drugs?”

Tips and Tricks

To avoid overeating and feel full after the consumption of small portions of food, you need to drink more warm drinks that contain no sugar.

Warm coffee or tea help relax the smooth muscles of the gastrointestinal tract, and thus prevent stomach cramps and discomfort, which can occur during a severe hunger.

If you want to quench your hunger with junk food, ask the waiter to bring you a bowl of vegetable soup before you order a double hamburger, a large portion of fries and a glass of cola.

Vegetables and vegetable broth contain almost no calories, yet contain a lot of fiber, which reduces hunger and helps limit the consumption of fast food.

Even if you decide to have a fatty steak or a piece of cake, eat high-calorie foods as slowly as possible.

Food that you chew carefully is better absorbed in the stomach. Therefore, slow delivery of food into the stomach allows achieving satiety quicker.

If you don’t have dark-colored kitchenware in your kitchen, you should seriously consider the idea of buying it.

Food laid out on a plate of blue, purple or black, is unattractive and discourages appetite. Therefore, by replacing the bright-colored plates that stimulate appetite to the dark ones you will certainly be able to satiate your hunger with smaller portions.

Do you prefer to drink wine over dinner? It is in vain.

Alcohol is one of the most powerful appetite stimulants, which makes you eat more and more. In addition, alcohol contains a large amount of calories that are not going to benefit your attempts to lose weight without drugs.

Never go shopping for groceries while being hungry.

The stronger your appetite while shopping, the more products will end up in your shopping cart. If you came home with more products than you plan to eat – you will have two choices:

  1. Abandon the diet and eat perishable foods in just a few days.
  2. Continue dieting, and let the products spoil and thus throw your money into the trash can.

To continue losing weight after Duromine discontinuation, follow simple and clear tips and be sure to dedicate time to physical activities. Active lifestyle not only saves your normal body weight, but also helps you stay active and energetic throughout the day.

Walking, jogging, running, cycling in nature and fresh air:

  • Will replace boring physical loads in the gym.
  • Will help you escape from obsessive thoughts about food.
  • Activate your metabolism and accelerate fat burning.

Even if it rains outside, do not despair and do not cancel your daily walk. Go to the nearest shopping center, stroll about through all the floors without using the rolling stairs – and your daily plan to burn extra calories will be executed.

Cold and heat should not be a barrier for outdoor physical activity, as well.

  • To fight the cold, your body increases heat production, incl. due to burning fatty deposits.
  • To combat the heat, your body increases body perspiration, thereby contributing to a metabolism reboot.

In winter, it is important to dress warm enough to avoid hypothermia. During summer walks, it is recommended to avoid long-lasting exposure to the open sun and drink plenty of fluids.

As an additional aid for managing your appetite, you can use non-prescription anorexic drugs based on natural active ingredients.

OTC diet pills will not become a 100% alternative to Duromine. But they may help you improve the effectiveness of long-term weight loss program and increase the chances for a successful appetite control without drugs.

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