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Is Phentermine Addictive, and Can Dependency Be Avoided

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 – Updated May 8, 2023
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 – Updated May 8, 2023
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

The drug Phentermine is well known among people fighting overweight and obesity. It has proven to be an effective remedy but can only be purchased on prescription. There is also the question of Phentermine addiction, as it affects the CNS and is a neurostimulator.

Phentermine increases energy levels, speeds up metabolism and reduces appetite. But alone, it is unlikely to work. In addition to tablets, doctors prescribe exercise and recommend changing the diet. It is also important to strictly follow the prescribed dosage, which is determined depending on a patient’s weight, health, and other factors.

Phentermine has helped many people cope with obesity, but it can sometimes develop a drug addiction. Usually, this risk increases in people who are prone to other types of addiction, such as alcohol, smoking, etc. If the drug is taken in the prescribed dose, and the treatment period does not exceed the prescribed by a physician, the development of dependence on Phentermine is unlikely. At least, that’s what the studies say.

If treatment with the drug is long and with high dosages, then after it is discontinued, withdrawal syndrome can occur, which manifests such symptoms as:

  • Severe fatigue;
  • Depression.

To prevent them, abruptly cancelling the drug is not recommended, and the dosage should be reduced gradually.

At the same time, during the Phentermine treatment, patients may develop tolerance to it, influencing its effectiveness. In such a situation, you should consult a doctor who is likely to cancel the drug rather than increase its dosage. So is Phentermine addictive? It is unlikely that the recommendations are well followed, and there is no general predisposition to any type of dependency.

How to Avoid Phentermine Addiction

In addition to the recommendations of the attending physician, when taking Phentermine, you should follow general rules:

  • Take the drug in the morning, before or after breakfast;
  • Do not change the dosage yourself;
  • During treatment, exercise should be added, and the diet should be changed in favour of proper nutrition;
  • The drug can affect the ability to drive a car, so you need to make sure that you can drive;
  • Phentermine is not recommended to combine with other weight loss meds;
  • The use of the drug is justified for people with a BMI of more than 27;
  • The treatment should be short-term.


If Phentermine treatment is conducted under the strict supervision of a doctor aware of all the patient’s features, addiction to the drug is unlikely. But given that the drug is a neurostimulator, during the treatment, you should be closely monitored for any changes in health and immediately consult a doctor for unwanted symptoms.

Like any drug, Phentermine is not suitable for everyone. But on the market for pharmaceutical preparations for weight loss, it’s always possible to find a suitable replacement.

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