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How Can You Get More Energy Using Phentermine?

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 – Updated May 12, 2023
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 – Updated May 12, 2023
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Phentermine promotes weight loss and increases norepinephrine, dopamine, and adrenaline levels, giving your body an extra energy boost. People notice these changes during the first days of treatment. Later, the effect on CNS (central nervous system) becomes less obvious. Not everyone on Phentermine feels this effect, while others may experience it with delay.

Lifestyle, health condition, and individual peculiarities influence the amount of activity. Usually, Phentermine GNC is absorbed within 6 hours, and a patient feels an energy boost during the next ten-fourteen hours. You should take the medication at least eight hours before sleep, so it does not cause insomnia.

It is important to know that in some cases, the drug may not give the desired effect on the patient due to its short use period. According to the study conducted by the scientists from Wake Forest Baptist Health and the PORTAL Network, usage of 37.5mg Generic Phentermine may lead to better weight loss results and enhance the effect on increasing energy.

This trial has shown that people who took Phentermine more than three months after the treatment course managed to keep their weight after losing some extra kilos. Patients who took the drug for a shorter period and then stopped taking it returned to their initial weight and experienced an energy decrease.

What Should I Do if Generic Phentermine Not Working?

If Generic Phentermine is not working and has no positive effect on your activity, you may try the following methods to solve the issue and have more energy:

  • Fix sleep schedule (at least 7-9 hours of sleep);
  • Devote time to physical exercises;
  • Take short breaks/switches from work during the day;
  • Drink more water;
  • Increase consumption of proteins and add omega-3 fatty acids to your diet;
  • Avoid caffeine.

Oddly enough, the last point on the list is not a joke. In the long run, refusal of caffeine will help increase the level of energy in your body.

Why Phentermine Stopped Working after Three Days of Usage?

If Phentermine stops working after 3 days, it means that your body is adapting to the medication. It is normal and shows that the drug has the necessary effect. After the first few days, Phentermine continues to work, but its effect becomes less noticeable for the patient.

A person may feel as if the medication doesn’t work because they get used to the sudden increase of adrenaline, and when it is decreased, a patient feels no energy at all. To maintain your energy level, continue taking Phentermine according to your doctor’s prescription. The recommended dose should not be exceeded!

How to Make Phentermine Work Again if I Don’t Lose Weight and Don’t Have Energy Anymore?

Reduction in the effectiveness of Phentermine is a common thing. The reason may be an inappropriate lifestyle, unhealthy diet, or bad habits. Increasing the dosage won’t be game-changing but may lead to health issues.

There are several ways how to make Phentermine work again without consulting your doctor:

  1. Increase everyday energy level with the help of workouts, healthy sleep, and enough water;
  2. Transition to proper nutrition to improve your metabolism, adding special drinks and spices to your diet;
  3. Relaxation techniques, medications, and stress management techniques;
  4. Making a list of weight loss goals and sticking to its points.

Following these tips will allow resuming or boosting the effect of the medication.

Summing Up

One of the key reasons for the slow weight loss process and feeling less energy on Phentermine is a patient’s congenital resistance to the active ingredient. Also, lack of energy balance, when the energy intake doesn’t equal energy expenditure, makes the drug work slower.

Those who take Phentermine often face the situation when glycogen is burned, and a lot of water is released in the body. The water weight is lost during the first few weeks, producing fast weight loss. That is why future results may seem not so successful.

Phentermine doesn’t stop working, but its work may get a bit slower. You need to help it by altering your lifestyle, and your weight-loss journey will continue as before.

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