Duramine – chronology, sequence of events, facts

Last updated on May 23rd, 2018

Duramine is a registered trademark that belongs to different companies in different countries of the world. This brand name is very similar to the name of Duromine pills, which were approved for the treatment of obesity in Australia.

The names of Duromine and Duramine brands are very similar. Therefore, the Internet users often make typos, due to which they fail to find web pages, which they originally planned to find.

Duromine brand became the most popular in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, UK and other countries, in diet pills under this brand were ever available for sale.

Duramine brand was registered in Australia in the 80s of the last century, yet it is not present on the Australian market today, and is, therefore, not known to the inhabitants of this country.

Nowadays, the brand Duramine is known primarily in North America, including the US, Canada and Mexico.

In the United States, Duramine brand belonged to different companies in different years. In 1989, Shapco, Inc. registered Duramine as a brand name for plastic pipe and piping material used in the mining industry.

In 2000, the US owner of Duramine brand became Georgia-Pacific Corporation, which planned selling under it decorative melamine for the production of thermally fused building products.

decorative melamine

Roseburg Forest Products

In 2001, the rights for Duramine brand in the United States passed to Roseburg Forest Products, which used it to promote particleboard and fiberboard.

In 2010, the brand Duramine in the United States again changed its owner and started belonging to Bridgestone Americas, Inc. The company planned to use Duramine brand to promote tires. However, the information sources have no data about Duramine tires by Bridgestone. Most likely, therefore, such tires were never produced or sold.

Since 2017, the owner of Duramine brand in the United States is Oil Center Research, Inc. This company registered Duramine as a trade mark for industrial lubricants and greases, utilized in heavy equipment and mining industries.

Today, the story of Duramine continues, and the possibility exists that the brand will have several new owners in the coming decades.

  • In Australia – Trademark Duramine was registered in 1982.
  • As the AU owner of the brand is indicated Dura-Wills Ltd.
  • Current Duramine brand status in Australia: Withdrawn

Duramine is not the only typo, which the Internet users make when they search for information on diet pills Duromine. Users type into the search box a variety of words that are similar to Duromine brand, including


Brand for a vitamin supplement in Denmark (owner – LeoPharmaceutical).


Brand for plastic frames for eyeglasses in the USA (owner – Trecom Safety Corporation).


Brand for building materials in Germany (owner – Holcim GmbH).