Why am I still hungry on Duromine?

Duration of the anorectic activity of Duromine can reach 24 hours. Some people start feeling very hungry only in 7-8 hours after the administration of one Duromine dose.

The reasons why obese people are still hungry on Duromine may differ. They include the following:

Irregular dietary regimen

Even if a person does not feel hungry, he is recommended to eat 4 to 5 times a day. Frequent consumption of small portions of food extends the feeling of satiety and interrupts the appetite.

Improperly chosen diet

Diets that contain an insufficient amount of meat, vegetables and fruit deprive the body of essential nutrients. Such nutrition is often accompanied by constant hunger and depressed mood.

Insufficient water intake

Thirst can often be mistaken for hunger. It is enough to drink a glass of warm water or a cup of green tea, and the stomach spasms and attacks of the haunting hunger will cease.

Frequent consumption of alcohol-containing drinks

Even small amounts of alcohol pushes to overeat and consume more calories. The reason for this is the active production of the gastric juice by the stomach walls.

Incorrectly selected dose of the drug

If increased appetite returns soon after the administration of a Duromine capsule, the daily dose of this anorectic drug can be increased to a maximum of 40 mg.

Weakening of the therapeutic effect may indicate tolerance to Duromine (Phentermine) effect.

Even if a person feels no hunger throughout the entire day after the morning dose of Duromine, he still needs to eat at least 3-4 times a day.

If the patient avoids food, his body does not get enough protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, required for normal metabolism.

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5 years ago

25 y.o. female, current weight 85 kg, height 160 cm, goal weight 62 kg. Doctor prescribed Duromine 30 mg in the morning. It does help me control hunger during the day, but I start feeling hungry closer to the evening and it’s hard to deal with this evening hunger. What should I do? Should I ask for more? I though Duromine suppresses hunger for the entire day. Need your advice!

5 years ago
Reply to  Jamie

Hi Jamie!
Are you eating small healthy portions 4-5 times a day? If you aren’t, the body will think you are starving yourself and store more fat! Just be cautious of this please.
Duromine does work differently on everybody.

For me, I feel hungry after the meals digested about 2 hours later but I don’t eat as much anymore. Its not a crazy binge hunger but it’s more like the body needs energy and food, so I eat small portions and drink my 2L of water a day. Im not somebody who keeps drinking water so I have one of those VOSS 800ml bottles and filling it up 3 times really is better than losing count of cups. Also its glass so you’re not drinking any chemicals that plastic bottles have.
Other than that my first day I was still hungry but not as much as I was pre-duromine. But drinking water really did help suppress my hunger too.
Let the body accept duromine for a few days If you have just started. If you aren’t eating excessive amount as you would have before, it means its working. Dont worry. Just follow through with at least 30 minutes of exercise.

Also another good heads up is if you know your blood group you should check out food that are best suitable for your body.
Email me on [email protected] any time you have questions.

5 years ago
Reply to  Gamze

Hi Angela and Gamze. Thank you for your tips. I started having a salad and a piece of boiled or grilled fish/chicken breast as my last meal, and I feel no hunger till I go to sleep. That’s so cool! I would usually eat like a crazy hungry lion in the evening. The best thing is that I am not longing for sweets anymore.
Started exercising. Have increased energy, so now off with the laziness. I started working out every morning and have a 45-minute walk / bike riding in the evening. Don’t have scales at home, but I am sure these measures will certainly bring me to a good weight loss. I am going to visit my doctor in 3 weeks and then I shall see the actual results. What else should I include in my weight loss program. My main problem areas are my thighs and belly. Thank in advance!

5 years ago

Hi guys. I’m Mo from South Africa. The last time I weighed in I was 63kg and I am 1.53m tall. I have been taking duromine for three days now and I am starving! I eat a small bowl of all bran cereal every morning with a fruit and some coffee and the rest of the day I eat but very minimally. When will the hunger pangs stop? I really need to lose weight. I’m so fat. I’m feeling very discouraged like it’s not working. Help me 🙁

5 years ago

Oh I am a 26 y/o Female. I don’t exercise at all, but I am going to start on Monday 🙂

4 years ago

Hi all. I am a 27yrs old female and i have a slightly high cholesterol and i have been struggling to lose weight for a while now. My Doc put me on 30mg Duromine for 2 months and ive just finished my first week, I only lost 1kg so far 🙁 , I must say I was expecting more. I had no appetite and ive been experiencing insomnia for the first two days but now I’m getting a bit of sleep and i can eat 3 times a day. I drink a lot of water because my mouth is constantly dry. I’ve also been experiencing constipation and I think I will have to go for a high fibre cereal for breakfast to improve my digestion. I could only jog twice this week because I had a cold. I’m hoping to achieve better results in the coming weeks as I plan to excersise more.

Wish me luck 😀

4 years ago

Hi! Hoping to get some clarifications 🙂

I am new to Duromine – this is my 2nd day taking the pills, currently taking the 30mg. I still feel hungry after taking Duromine and because of this, I still have 3 meals a day, but i realised i am eating lesser. However, this cause me to get hungrier faster as well. Is this normal? I have read some reviews and people commented that while on Duromine, they don’t feel hungry at all – does this mean Duromine is not working for me? Am I supposed to not feel hungry at all?

I read that people lose up to 4kgs during the 1st week – is it because they don’t eat? Doubt I can lose that much if I am still eating 3 meals a day? (even if it is reduced portion)

I used to be a long distance runner but I stopped exercising for a few months. Hence, the weight gain (the snacking contributed as well). I did my first run today because I had so much energy (did 30 mins running and 10 mins slow walk). Will this help?

I am having trouble sleeping as well – I didn’t sleep at all during my 1st night. Any tips on how I can cure this insomnia problem?

While on Duromine, I feel that my mouth is constantly dry (I know it is one of the side effects) and I have been sipping water every few minutes (which helps curb my hunger pangs as well). By drinking so much water, will it cause water retention?

Thank you so much in advance! 🙂

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