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Wegovy Uses and Storage: Basic Rules

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Table of Contents

You can consider Wegovy a revolutionary medication that has made it possible for hundreds of thousands of people to achieve results in the fight against excess weight. It demonstrates high efficiency, but only if used correctly. You can find the specifics of Wegovy uses in the instructions for the drug. Before taking it, you should consult your doctor to exclude the possibility that the drug is unsuitable for you. In this case, Wegovy use will be safe and help you lose weight. Below we will discuss the main points that you need to consider when treating with the drug.

How to administer Wegovy for the best effect?

Wegovy is an injectable, and the convenience of using it is that you don’t have to keep track of when you take it. According to the Wegovy directions, you should inject the drug once a week on the same day, before or after meals. You inject the medication using a special disposable pen, which facilitates Wegovy administration.

During treatment, you must follow the Wegovy treatment plan, which involves a gradual dosage increase. The first injection dosage is 0.25 mg, and you continue using this dosage for the next three weeks. That is, for four weeks, you inject 0.25 mg of Wegovy on the same day.

  • On week 5, you increase the dosage to 0.5 mg and inject it for the next three weeks.
  • On week 9, you increase the dosage to 1 mg and inject it for the next three weeks.
  • On week 13, you increase the dosage to 1.7 mg and inject it for the next three weeks.
  • On week 17, you increase the dosage to 2.4 mg, the maximum dosage. It is a therapeutic dosage, and you inject it until you reach the required weight loss result.

Wegovy monitoring is necessary during the entire treatment. Drug tolerance is individual. And sometimes, it is required to change the treatment plan so that the body adapts to it as much as possible.

How long do you take Wegovy for weight loss?

If you select Wegovy, how long can you take it to get the desired result? If you follow the instructions, the minimum treatment duration is 20 weeks. But since active weight loss begins at a therapeutic dosage of 2.4 mg, you will have to take the drug longer.

Wegovy is a long-term use drug. So, you can take it for months or even years. You can use the medication for as long as it can be helpful in the matter of weight loss.

How often is Wegovy taken according to the instructions?

How often do you take Wegovy during treatment? This drug is convenient because you need not take it every day. The instructions say to inject Wegovy once a week on the same day. If, for some reason, you miss an injection, wait until the next day when you need to get an injection and take it to maintain your dosing schedule. This way, you will shift the time for increasing the dosage by a week.

When is the best time of day to take Wegovy?

For many drugs, the time of administration is of great importance. Is it so for Wegovy? Should you take Wegovy in the morning or at night?

The main thing is that you inject the drug on the same day every week, be it day or night.

You can set the best time to take a Wegovy shot. Choose the moment when you will be in the most comfortable environment. It is necessary so that you can take a breath if you suddenly feel unwell. For this reason, many people prefer to inject in the evening when they come home. It is especially important to make your first injection in comfortable conditions as you don’t know how your body will react.

Also, many ask, ‘ When to take Wegovy ‘: before or after meals?’. Since the drug doesn’t pass through the gastrointestinal tract but gets immediately into the bloodstream, its effect doesn’t depend on food intake. You can inject before lunch or after dinner, and the result will be the same. Here is the main rule you must follow when taking Wegovy: administer the medicine on the same day of the week at about the same time. It will ensure the maximum effect of the treatment.

Where is the best place to inject Wegovy: what to consider?

Given that you inject the drug subcutaneously, you should know the exact answer to the question ‘Where do you inject Wegovy?’. The best injection sites are as follows:

  • Lower abdomen;
  • Upper arm;
  • Thigh.

You can inject yourself or ask someone to give you an injection. If you inject yourself, the abdomen or thigh is more suitable. It is important that you feel comfortable injecting the drug. Only in this case, you will avoid drug leakage, tissue injury and other troubles.

What else to consider when selecting a Wegovy shot location? Pay attention to how the skin looks at the intended injection site. You cannot inject in a place where the skin looks unusual: red, hardened, irritated, etc. Also, avoid injecting into scars or stretch marks. It is recommended to change the injection site each time.
For many, the Wegovy thigh injection site is the most comfortable option. In this case, you inject into the outer part of the thigh, where it is easy to grab the skin fold and correctly position the injector pen.

How to inject with the Wegovy pen right?

Do you know how to give a Wegovy shot? First, select the place where you will inject. You inject the drug only subcutaneously. You cannot inject it intramuscularly or intravenously! That is why places on the body where you can easily grab a skin fold are suitable for injection. As already mentioned, these places are the lower abdomen, upper arm and outer part of the thigh.

Then follow the Wegovy injection directions. Hold the pen with the drug at the right angle to the skin. Press firmly on the pen until a click. It means the start of injection and administering the medication into the skin. With that, a yellow band appears in the pen window. It indicates that the amount of medication in the pen is changing. If this does not happen, try pressing the pen harder against the skin.

For clarity, you can watch the Wegovy instructions for use to better understand how to inject the drug properly. If you cannot hold the pen perpendicular, have someone give you a shot to ensure the proper drug administration. How do you take Wegovy is very important. Whether the entire amount of the drug gets into your body depends on it. And it is important in terms of dosage and following the treatment plan. Besides, using the wrong drug injection technique can lead to undesirable complications.

Does Wegovy need to be refrigerated, and when?

Like many other injectables, storing Wegovy injection pens at 2°C – 8°C in the refrigerator is recommended to ensure the drug retains its properties. When does Wegovy have to be refrigerated? It is necessary in case of long-term storage.

If you plan to use the pen within 28 days, you can store it out of the refrigerator at temperatures up to 30°C. At the same, you should keep it in the dark place. In both cases, you cannot use the pen if the drug has expired. Also, you cannot use the pen if you see that it is defective.

So, Wegovy storage doesn’t require special conditions. Do you have to refrigerate Wegovy? If you have a big drug supply, store the pens in the refrigerator. And you can keep a four-week supply of pens at room temperature.

What happens if Wegovy is not refrigerated?

How long can Wegovy stay out of the fridge? If the temperature exceeds 30°C, the drug loses its properties even if you store it at such a temperature for a very short time. It gets useless and even dangerous. Do not use the pen if you store it in inappropriate conditions! But if the room temperature is lower, you can store the drug out of the refrigerator for 28 days.

When is Wegovy not working?

If you find a Wegovy pen malfunction, do not use the pen. What should you look for to be sure the pen is working properly?

  • The pen is in its original packaging;
  • The drug is transparent and colorless in the pen dose window;
  • The needle is inside the pen and is not visible;
  • The pen cap is firmly closed;
  • The expiration date indicated on the pen is suitable for injection.

If you do not hear a click during the injection, the pen doesn’t work. Try to press on it harder. If that doesn’t help, try another pen.

What is the Wegovy needle size?

Wegovy needle gauge ensures painless injection. Usually, during the administration of the drug, there are no unpleasant sensations. How big is the Wegovy needle? Pens use disposable NovoFine Plus, NovoFine or NovoTwist needles up to 8 mm in length of 30G, 31G and 32G gauges. These are very thin needles commonly used for cosmetic procedures and allowing you to inject the necessary substances painlessly.

Is Wegovy self administered?

You can self-administer the drug. For this purpose, you use a special pen, which facilitates the process. It has a thin needle making the injection painless. You can inject anywhere at any time.

How is Wegovy administered?

You start taking Wegovy with a minimum dosage of 0.25 mg. You use the dosage for the next three weeks and then increase it to 0.5 mg. This way, you increase the dosage every fifth week, following this plan: 0.25 mg, 0.5 mg, 1 mg, 1.7 mg, and 2.4 mg. The dosage of 2.4 mg is considered therapeutic and remains unchanged until the end of treatment.

How long can you stay on Wegovy?

It is a long-term use drug. It takes 16 weeks to reach the therapeutic dosage. And then, you continue the treatment until you obtain the desired result. It may take months or even years.

How to use the Wegovy injection pen?

The injection pen facilitates the self-administration of the drug. You should hold the pen perpendicular to the body and press it until a click. It is a signal that the process of injecting the substance has begun. A yellow band in the dose window of the pen also indicates it. At the end of the injection, the window turns completely yellow.

Where to give a Wegovy shot?

It is recommended to give Wegovy shots in the upper arm, outer part of the thigh, and lower abdomen. In that places, it is easy to grab the skin in a fold to ensure proper drug administration. Do not administer Wegovy intramuscularly or intravenously.

Сan I take Wegovy at night?

According to the instructions, you administer the drug once a week on the same day, at about the same time. The time of day doesn’t matter. You can inject at night if it’s convenient for you. But you will also have to do the subsequent injections at night.

Can I take Wegovy a day earlier?

During treatment, you can change the day of the injection. The main thing is that it should be at least 2 days since the last injection. So, it is quite acceptable to take a shot a day earlier.

Should Wegovy be refrigerated?

You should store the drug in the fridge if you plan to keep it for more than 28 days. In this case, you should store Wegovy at 2°C–8°C. If you use the drug faster, you do not have to store it in the refrigerator.

How long can Wegovy be out of the fridge?

You can store Wegovy at room temperature, not exceeding 30°C, for 28 days. Keep it in the dark place until you need it. Do not use the drug exposed to high temperatures.


Wegovy is an injectable drug for overweight and obesity. During treatment, it is important to strictly follow the instructions and observe the prescribed dosage according to the treatment plan. You can self-administer Wegovy using a special pen. You inject the medicine subcutaneously into the upper arm, thigh or lower abdomen. For the injection to be successful, you need to hold the pen perpendicular to the body and press it until a click.

You can store the drug in the fridge or at room temperature, depending on when you plan to use it. Following all these recommendations is a guarantee of the safety and effectiveness of treatment.

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