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How Does Wegovy Work For Weight Loss: All About the Drug Action

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 – Updated January 12, 2023
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Table of Contents

If you know firsthand what being overweight or obese is, you have likely already tried many different drugs for weight loss. Unfortunately, many of them are ineffective. But now there is an opportunity to say goodbye to the hated kilograms forever with the help of the new injectable drug Wegovy. How does Wegovy work in the body?

The active ingredient of the drug is Semaglutide. This substance simulates the natural human hormone GLP-1, which affects a specific part of the brain responsible for appetite and food intake. What does Wegovy do to your body? It makes you feel full no matter what or when you eat. As a result, you do not feel hungry and may refuse to eat. Consequently, you reduce the total calorie content, which, combined with exercise, contributes to effective weight loss.

How does Wegovy cause weight loss without exercise? Even if you are not a sports person, the drug will be effective by reducing your total daily caloric intake. In addition, while taking Wegovy, you should avoid fatty foods.

Does Wegovy work immediately? The drug begins to work immediately after its administration, but you will see the results only a few weeks after the start of treatment. You should strictly follow the instructions, lead an active lifestyle, and remove fats from your diet to improve Wegovy effectiveness.

Considering the Wegovy mechanism of action and possible side effects, doctors only prescribe the drug if the BMI is 27 or higher when it comes to obesity and overweight. Wegovy moa is to reduce appetite, which most often causes weight gain. In the absence of appetite, you do not want to eat, and your body begins to actively destroy fat deposits around the hips and abdomen. You lose weight and get healthier!

Does Wegovy speed up metabolism or not

Many ask: Does Wegovy increase metabolism? The drug has a different mechanism of action, but when taken regularly, it regulates metabolism, reducing insulin and blood sugar levels. That means your metabolic health improves.

Most importantly, you don’t have to force yourself to stop eating, which triggers the release of stress hormones like ghrelin and cortisol. You do not feel like eating, and losing weight is comfortable. And after the end of treatment, extra kilograms will not return to you, as is the case with strict diets and a sharp reduction in calories.

Does Wegovy start working right away, and when can you see the results

How long does it take for Wegovy to start working? If we talk about the effect of Semaglutide on the body, it begins immediately after an injection. But the results, such as reduced appetite and weight loss, appear a few weeks later. And sometimes, you can see the first results after a few months. How quickly does Wegovy start working? It largely depends on individual characteristics. So, do not hurry and continue treatment following the instructions. You will surely have the results!

The search for answers to the questions How fast does Wegovy start working? And How much weight can you lose? Gave the following results: for 68 weeks, the average weight loss was 15.9 kg, corresponding to approximately 15% of body weight. At the same time, 83% of those who took the drug reported positive results. Weight loss could begin as early as four weeks after starting treatment, but the full effect was noted after a few months.

Against the background of taking Wegovy, weight loss in the first month is usually insignificant since treatment begins with the minimum dosage of 0.25 mg. And then, every four weeks, you increase it to the maximum dosage of 2.4 mg. As a rule, you reach it by week 17. But there are cases when people lose much weight already in the first month of treatment. So, it is rather difficult to predict how fast you will begin to lose weight.

How quickly do you lose weight on Wegovy: 5 factors

How long to lose weight on Wegovy? You should consider 5 factors to answer this question:

  1. Following the instructions for taking the drug.
  2. Changing your diet based on the recommendations.
  3. Adding exercise.
  4. Your starting weight.
  5. Comorbidities negatively affecting metabolism.

As you can see, the answer to this question will be different in each case. So, you should not compete with someone else: you have your own story.

How much weight can you lose with Wegovy

Wegovy is one of the most effective weight loss injectables providing the fastest possible weight loss. How much weight can you lose with Wegovy? On average, it is 15–20% of body weight. According to some data, weight loss depends on the following:

  • Starting weight;
  • Drug dosage;
  • Treatment duration;
  • Age and gender.

It is necessary to change your lifestyle to maximise fat loss on Wegovy. Exercise and including healthy foods in your diet are also important. This way, you will help the drug fight excess weight more effectively and acquire good habits that will help you maintain weight in the future. It is difficult to say exactly what the average weight loss per week on Wegovy will be since effective weight loss begins at the maintenance dosage of 2.4 mg.

Why am I not losing weight on Wegovy: what to do

If you have just started taking the drug and are already wondering: Why isn’t Wegovy working for me, we recommend that you do not hurry and wait a few weeks until you can see the drug’s full effect.

Moreover, experts recommend taking several steps that will accelerate weight loss:

  • Reduce food servings;
  • Remove high-calorie foods from your diet;
  • Stick to the recommended daily calorie intake based on your activity and physical characteristics;
  • Go to work and from it on foot or add some exercises.

These actions will help your body to begin weight loss, and Wegovy will help you achieve results faster.

Can you gain weight on Wegovy or not

Theoretically, gaining weight on Wegovy is impossible since the drug reduces appetite, and you do not consume extra calories that could lead to weight gain. However, you should not ignore the cases when weight gain is due to some hormonal disorders. Still, there is no evidence yet of people gaining weight while on Wegovy. It may happen at the end of treatment as appetite returns.

Why am I still hungry on Wegovy

Once you start treatment with Wegovy, you may still be hungry until your body adjusts to the drug. Usually, it takes a few weeks, and then the feeling of hunger disappears. Most of those who used the drug stated that while taking Wegovy they felt less hungry and comfortably ate less food.

Does Wegovy give you energy and why

Wegovy can help you become much more vigorous, although the drug is not an energy drink. Extra kilograms prevent you from being physically active and cause many health problems. By taking Wegovy, you will get rid of them, become healthier and more active. Your energy level will definitely rise.


Wegovy is twice as effective for weight loss as comparable injectables.

Why does Wegovy really work for weight loss? It simulates the action of the GLP-1 hormone, making you feel full. As a result, you consume fewer calories and gradually lose weight.

The drug starts working immediately after injection. But the body needs time to adapt. So, you can see the first results after a few weeks.

Weight loss on Wegovy begins in a few weeks, but the result increases as you increase the dosage. The maximum or maintenance dosage of 2.4 mg taken at week 17 from the start of treatment gives the greatest effect.


Wegovy allows you to effectively fight excess weight by suppressing appetite and providing a feeling of satiety Treatment with this drug gives the fastest results compared to similar drugs. It is recommended to change habits by adding more exercise and eating more healthy foods to maximise the effect of Wegovy. In the future, it will help maintain weight and not gain extra kilograms after stopping Wegovy.

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