Phentermine vs adipex

Phentermine or Adipex: Important Differences and Specifics of Each Drug

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 – Updated May 12, 2023
, reviewed by
 – Updated May 12, 2023
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

It can be challenging to compare appetite suppressants, especially if you are not in the healthcare industry. We decided to conduct these studies and present our findings in a simple and understandable form.

Here is the first and the main thing! Phentermine and Adipex are both the same and different.

Why are they the same?

Because the slimming pills Adipex contain only one active ingredient known as Phentermine. You can easily check it when you read the instructions or find an image of the drug packaging on the Internet.

It may seem strange to compare Adipex vs Phentermine, but only at first glance. The purpose of this article is to talk about small but important differences that may affect the selection of a particular drug.


It is clear that doctors prescribe these drugs to overweight people, but their indications are slightly different.

AdipexOver 16 yearsAbove 27
Phentermine (indications in Australia)Over 12 yearsAbove 25

Adipex is available in the dosage of 37.5 mg.
Phentermine has a wider range of dosages:

  • 8 mg;
  • 15 mg;
  • 30 mg;
  • 37.5 mg;
  • 40 mg.

Dosage form

Phentermine is available in two forms:

  • XR or ER (extended-release).
  • IR (immediate-release).

Adipex is available only as IR pills.

It is known that in some cases, different pills, such as XR (ER) or IR, can give slightly different results in terms of lost kilograms. So, the effectiveness of different treatment methods may vary slightly, although not for all people.


If you live in the USA, you will have no problem buying Adipex (if you have a prescription). To the best of our knowledge, this appetite suppressant is not available in other countries.

If you have problems with excess weight, you can find Phentermine diet pills in Australia, New Zealand, USA, South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and other countries.

Possible side effects

These anorectics generally have the same adverse reactions because they contain the same active substance. However, if you use extended-release pills, the risk of insomnia and other sleep problems increases.


The manufacturing company Teva set the price of Adipex. The price of Phentermine-containing medicines can vary significantly. The reason is that many pharmaceutical companies manufacture diet pills.


We hope you have found answers to your questions about Adipex versus Phentermine in this article. And although the effectiveness of these drugs is about the same, one type of diet pills may suit you better for some reasons. If you don’t have special preferences, consider the price of the medicine.

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