Phentermine and Metformin

Phentermine and Metformin for Weight Loss Comparison

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 β€“ Updated May 8, 2023
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Metformin and Phentermine are two effective drugs used by people who want to get rid of excess weight. Both drugs are categorically different from each other, as they represent different classes of drugs and have different effects on biochemical reactions in the body. Below we list the key differences between Phentermine and Metformin for weight loss.

Class of drugs

Phentermine is an active appetite suppressant that can affect the brain’s neurotransmitters responsible for the feeling of hunger.

Metformin can also reduce your appetite, but it is primarily a hypoglycemic drug. It restores insulin secretion in the pancreas and promotes glucose utilization in the liver. Metformin is suitable for people who can’t control type 2 diabetes with diet and exercise. Using this drug, they can restore the way to use food to make energy.

Way to suppress appetite

The critical feature of Phentermine is the ability to suppress brain receptors responsible for feeling hungry. Phentermine suppresses appetite acting on neurotransmitter level in your body. Such ‘brain’s chemicals’ as norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamineare are used by human body as messengers of the nervous system. By influencing these neurotransmitters, Phentermine gives the body a feeling of satiety, so that you do not consume extra calories.

Metformin also can tell your body that you don’t need food intake, but this drug acts another way. It increases the body’s sensitivity to hormones such as insulin and leptin. Leptin is responsible for conveying the message to the brain that the stomach is full and there is no need to eat more meals.

Other differences in action

Metformin can correct hypoglycemia, which can lead to correcting problems caused by harmful nutritional habits. The drug itself does not burn fat but creates conditions under which the body begins to extract energy from subcutaneous and visceral fat. This effect is due to many positive effects that Metformin has on the body:

  • Reduces glucose levels and also neutralizes ‘long hemoglobin’ (stagnation of sugar in the blood);
  • Increases immunity to excess glucose;
  • Reduces the absorption of glucose in the intestine (excess sugar does not enter the blood);
  • Normalizes the lipid metabolism;
  • Reduces the concentration of cholesterol without affecting ‘good cholesterol.

Method of taking the medicine

Phentermine is intended for short-term therapy (up to 3 months). Tablets (8mg; 37.5mg) or capsules weighing 15, 30 ΠΈ 37.5mg are taken daily, early in the morning.

Metformin can be taken regularly by people with type 2 diabetes. It relieves the body of excess weight and promotes the restoration of insulin secretion, as well as the restoration of healthy metabolism in the body. Metformin is used to treat high blood sugar levels that are caused by a type of diabetes mellitus or sugar diabetes called type 2 diabetes. The drug is available in pills, substances and extended-release (long-acting) tablets to take by mouth.

Can Metformin and Phentermine be taken together for weight loss?

Combining Phentermine and any diabetic medicine must be carried out under your GP’s strict supervision because these drugs’ usage significantly impacts the system. In general, weight loss may affect glycemic control and increase the risk of hypoglycemia.

It is supposed that Metformin can reduce the risk of hypoglycemia caused by using Phentermine. But the effectiveness of such combinations is unpredictable. Only detailed monitoring of organisms carried out by a professional physician can assess the effectiveness and risks of Metformin and Phentermine taken together for weight loss.


Metformin and Phentermine are effective weight loss medicines able to strengthen your system. Metformin suits people with 2nd type diabetes as it can restore insulin secretion and control the blood glucose level.

This medicine can suppress the appetite due to its direct impact on the biochemical reactions of the gastrointestinal tract. In turn, Phentermine suppresses appetite by influencing the brain’s receptors responsible for the feeling of hunger.

A doctor should approve the validity of the simultaneous use of these drugs after detailed research of the patient’s system. Independently making decisions to take these drugs together is a risky idea.

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