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Why Doesn’t Phentermine Suppress My Appetite? Is It OK?

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 – Updated May 2, 2023
, reviewed by
 – Updated May 2, 2023
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Phentermine helps decrease your hunger, but it doesn’t suppress your appetite completely. Food cravings depend on individual psychological and physiological peculiarities, and the medication can’t drastically change them.

People may experience significant changes from taking Phentermine during the first few weeks; some may even lose their appetite completely. However, it is not a typical case but an exception to the rule.

Are you concerned and wonder Why doesn’t Phentermine suppress my appetite? Nothing to worry about. It is normal, and the drug works as it should. By suppressing appetite, Phentermine makes it easier to choose healthy eating or eat less than usual, which fosters healthy eating habits and maintains a balanced metabolism.

Most patients notice that the medication reduces food cravings but doesn’t eliminate them. We should mention that it is impossible. Hunger is your body’s natural reaction, an instinct for self-preservation, and no drug can fight it.

Why am I still Hungry after Taking Phentermine?

One of the most frequent questions from people on Phentermine is Why am I still hungry after taking Phentermine?

You might think that a complete lack of appetite promotes faster weight loss. Unfortunately, the statement is false. A healthy diet provides a person with enough energy to function normally. Thus, it is expected that you don’t lose appetite completely.

Also, Phentermine contributes to increased physical activity, but nutrients are essential for maintaining our body functions. You won’t be able to work or do your everyday routine without adequate eating; you just won’t have enough energy.

Undereating may cause difficulty losing weight, although it may sound strange. Lack of energy will force your body to store fat; thus, you won’t be able to get rid of extra kilos fast.

Taking Phentermine without following a healthy diet may cause new problems during your weight loss journey. Appetite will be back to the previous level, and healthy habits won’t be developed. Thus, the risk of gaining lost kilos back will be rather high.

Phentermine reduces your appetite, but a sense of hunger must be a signal to have a healthy snack. It will help you follow a healthy diet that will become a part of your lifestyle after the treatment course.

Summing Up

Balance comes first: following a healthy diet, taking Phentermine, and being physically active. The combination of these factors will help to lose weight. Forgetting about one of them will ruin the balance, lower metabolism, and prevent you from getting rid of extra kilos. Lack of appetite won’t make you healthier or your weight loss journey successful; however, it may result in negative consequences.

If Phentermine doesn’t affect your sense of hunger or even increases it, you should consult your doctor to change the dosage or its regimen.

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