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Phentermine and Breastfeeding. Can You Breastfeed While Taking Phentermine?

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 – Updated May 12, 2023
, reviewed by
 – Updated May 12, 2023
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Phentermine is excreted in breast milk. However, there are no reported infant adverse reactions.

Still, doctors recommend being cautious while taking Phentermine during this period. Or better to postpone the treatment until you stop breastfeeding,

There are several reasons to do it:

  • First of all, the issue has not been studied. There were no serious researches on this topic;
  • Second, a nursing mother should consume enough calories to produce a sufficient amount of breast milk for the baby;
  • Third, a child should receive a full range of fats, carbs, vitamins, and microelements. And it can’t be provided on Phentermine treatment as it presupposes following a diet.

Of course, a woman wants to get rid of postpartum weight as soon as possible. However, breastfeeding helps most women to lose weight gained during pregnancy.

Also, there are many safe ways to reduce weight during breastfeeding without taking medication that is excreted in breast milk and may affect your baby.

According to the statistics, women who breastfeed exclusively lose more weight during the first six months than those who formula-feed or supplement with formula.

I Took Phentermine While Breastfeeding

On new mums’ forums, women warn against taking Phentermine while breastfeeding.

One of the users wrote that a doctor might have forgotten that she was breastfeeding the baby and prescribed her Phentermine. However, a pharmacist refused to sell her the drug and recommended she consult another doctor.

That is why if you accidentally took Phentermine while nursing, don’t do it again. Keep the medicine out of reach and forget about it for some time.

Phentermine Breastfeeding Once a Day

It is not recommended to breastfeed a child even once a day if you take Phentermine due to the following reasons:

  • there is no data on how much Phentermine gets into breast milk and may be passed to a child;
  • side effects in infants from Phentermine have not been studied.

According to the doctors from Phentermine Doctors Network, the chances that a doctor will prescribe Phentermine to a pregnant or breastfeeding woman are close to zero. And even if they do, experts advise you not to take this medication.

Phentermine While Breastfeeding 2 Year Old

Pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding are not recommended to use Phentermine, as stated in the article published in the National Library of Medicine on April 3, 2022.

Summing Up

Phentermine is a highly effective and widely recognized medicine that has been used for overweight treatment for several decades. However, experts don’t recommend breastfeeding women to take this drug due to the lack of serious studies on the safety of this medication for infants.

Considering the situation, doctors recommend not to put your health and the health of your baby at risk.

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