Duromine vs. Phen375

Ideally, two objects compared should be comparable. However, there are cases like Duromine vs. Phen375 that exist despite obvious lack of logic. Inquiries like this come from the patients who don’t fully understand all the peculiarities of such a problem as excess weight and severe obesity. Since we respond to all requests, let’s sort out the issue.

Duromine and Phen375: medication vs. supplement

Duromine is a brand-name medication that contains Phentermine. During the years of its presence on the market of weight loss medications, Phentermine (a basis for many brand-name drugs):

  • has become a number one treatment option recommended and prescribed for a short term.
  • used by millions of people around the world, although not all of them could significantly lose weight.

Duromine is prescribed when the problem of excess weight may potentially bring, or has already brought significant health risks. This prescription medication, available upon doctor’s approval only.

Phen375The overall treatment:

  • always monitored by the doctor in charge and can never exceed 12 weeks;
  • is usually combined with such non-pharmacological alternatives as healthy nutrition and increased activity.

Duromine is sold in Australia, South Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, the Philippines and Malaysia. You will not be able to find Duromine on the shelves of American or European pharmacies.

Phen375 is a weight loss supplement that despite its obvious allusion to contracted Phentermine name and the drug’s dosage (37.5 mg) has nothing in common with the legendary medication. Phen375 is marketed as:

  • a potent, 100% natural weight loss product; its ingredients have been clinically proven to burn fat and suppress appetite.
  • supplement, which can be used to control or reduce body weight for a long time.

The people behind Phen375 claim that this all the way natural remedy is perfectly able to combat heavy weight and obesity simply at ease. It will stop your food cravings, improve your metabolism, and produce an effect similar to that exerted by prescription anti-obesity drugs. Besides:

  • body weight will be reduced without any side effects, as Phen375 has been proven to bring about none;
  • Phen375 can be taken for a long period and without combining it with exercise, increased activity and diet;
  • you can order Phen375 online from anywhere in the world, and it will be delivered as soon as possible.

Major differences

The primary difference between Duromine and Phen375 is that both products fall into different categories:

  • the first one is a medication;
  • the last one is an herbal supplement.

This difference may seem not a big deal unless a logical conclusion is made. This means that if your BMI (Body Mass Index) is too high or you suffer from severe obesity accompanied with such comorbidities as high cholesterol, diabetes or hypertension, even the most potent herbal supplement will be unlikely to help you lose weight not just quickly, but at all.

Severe obesity is the conditions subject to the quick treatment solution, so the only option that can really help should certainly come in the form of a time-tested medication, such as Duromine.

If you, however, aren’t simply satisfied with being overweight and want to try something alternative rather than traditional, you can opt for a herbal supplement like Phen375. Remember, that even if this particular product claims to cause no side effect, it’s simply impossible, as even the purest and most quality compound can provoke an undesired reaction known as an adverse one.

So, comparing Phen375 with Duromine, the former is:

  • unlikely to cope with the cases that Duromine will tackle easily;
  • unlikely to guarantee 100% absence of side effects.

However, to be entirely fair in regard to Phen375, it should be said that as a pharmaceutical-grade chemical nutrient backed with science, it can work far better than any similar supplement.

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