Duromine vs. Ionamin

Last updated on May 8th, 2018

Opting for a suitable weight loss medication is indispensable when you are striving to forget about the issue once and forever. There are different weight loss medications, containing various active components and producing diverse side effects.

However, the pharmaceutical market is generally filled with Phentermine-containing drugs, used as obesity treatments. There are numerous time-tested, safe and effective Phentermine alternatives and derivatives available nowadays. Duromine and Ionamin are top-reliable and approved Phentermine variants frequently prescribed to treat excess weight.

Differences between Duromine and Ionamin

As both medications are quality variants of the same drug, they have much in common. Nevertheless, there are some differences between Duromine and Ionamin, although they cannot be called very large.

Dosage strengths

Duromine 15 mg, 30 mg and 40 mg capsules

Ionamin 15 mg and 30 mg capsules

* Duromine capsules can be bought in Australia, Hong Kong, South Africa, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia. Duromine 40 mg capsules are available only in Hong Kong and Australia.

Obesity treatment begins with a dose of 30 mg (Duromine or Ionamin). Use of different doses can affect safety and efficacy of the therapy.

If obesity is severe, Duromine 40mg capsules can be more effective than Ionamin 30mg capsules.

High doses of any anti-obesity drugs increase risks of side effects.

It is inevitable to consult a healthcare specialist primarily to the intake of any medications in order to select the drug with the preferable effect in your health condition and with a smaller number of contraindications and precautions.

Another peculiarity of the medications is the price. The cost of Duromine and Ionamin differs a bit, depending on the country or region, though you always have an opportunity to pick the necessary drug at one of the reputable online pharmacies.

ionamin pills

Drug similarities

Duromine and Ionamin share the same active component, thus, they have much in common. The first and the most important point is the effect of both medications – prolonged appetite suppression.

Using any of these drugs will help you:

  • limit consumption of high-calorie food;

  • follow the diet from the first day of the treatment;

  • stably lose weight and reduce BMI.

Another common peculiarity of Duromine and Ionamin is their habit-forming feature. These drugs should be taken only following the doctor’s recommendations, prescribed dosage and periodicity to achieve the desirable effect.

Moreover, to fasten the preferable effect, these medications should be administered as a part of the whole treatment course that also includes:

  • regular exercising;
  • change of habits;
  • balanced, low-calorie diet.

This way you will reach not only physical, but also psychical balance that will speed up the desired results.

Duromine and Ionamin are powerful weight loss aids often prescribed to patients with severe obesity cases, additionally accompanied by related health conditions, including heart disorders, high blood pressure, diabetes of any type, high cholesterol, etc.

Both medications have a range of contraindications, precautions and drug interactions, thus, it is inevitable to consult a doctor beforehand and provide him/her with all the information about your health. The treatments are not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women, people allergic to the components of the meds, those who have the history of heart attack or stroke.

These medications should be taken right as prescribed to avoid misuse and overuse with all their consequences and adverse reactions.