What did you want to know about Duromine 30 mg?

One Duromine 30 mg pill is the starting dose that is prescribed on the initial stage of the drug therapy for obesity. This dosage may be recommended to both adults and adolescents aged 12 years or older.

  • duromine 30 mgMost often – a single dose of Duromine 30 mg is used throughout the course of treatment – without changing it.
  • Less often – doctors recommend their patients to reduce, increase, or divide the dose of 30 mg in two intakes.

When the dosage changes, Duromine continues working the same way as it did before, yet its efficacy and safety can vary. Changing the starting Duromine dose of 30mg may be required in several cases.

  • Duromine 30mg price with prescription – $3.81 per pill
  • Duromine 30mg price without prescription – $2.5 per pill

Increasing the dose from 30mg to 40mg

  • Required to enhance the anorectic effect, improve the appetite control, and boost weight loss results.

Dividing 30mg dose in two doses

  • Allows to maintain a significant anorectic effect and at the same time to reduce potential health risks.

Decrease in dose from 30mg to 15mg

  • It is required to reduce the severity of undesirable side effects and improve the safety of weight loss therapy.

Reducing or separation of 30mg Duromine dosage may be required when patient uses other medicines (tablets, capsules, injections, suspensions) while using the diet pills.

The maximum duration of continuous use of Duromine 30mg pills should not exceed 12 weeks.

  • The result of the 12-week anti-obesity treatment can be called a “success story” when the average weight loss is at least 5% of the original weight.
  • The best results can be achieved only in those patients, who understand the importance of healthy eating plan and try to stick to a low calorie diet.

To save the results in the long run, men and women, who are prone to weight gain, should balance their nutrition and be physically active.

If you want to buy Duromine 30mg pills, ask your doctor:

  • Whether you can take medications based on Phentermine.
  • Whether these diet pills are available in the pharmacies of your city.

You can find further information about Duromine 30mg pills suppliers and countries in our complete Duromine online buying guide (UPDATE: May 2018).

All information on prices and how to purchase Duromine 30mg online is published by us for informational purposes only and should not be considered as a substitute for consulting a doctor or pharmacist.

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