Duromine 30 mg vs. Duromine 40 mg

Last updated on May 28th, 2018

If you are convinced that there is no effective weight loss medication, you should definitely consider Duromine. The active ingredient of the drug is a time-tested and approved component providing a drastic effect and a long-lasting action. Having multiple quality alternatives and derivatives, Phentermine became a dependable basis for Duromine.

General Information about Duromine

In general, Duromine is released in capsules, containing 15, 30 or 40 mg of Phentermine. The main action of the treatment, irrespective of the dose, is to suppress the appetite. Nevertheless, it is not the only beneficial feature of the medication. Apart from hunger reduction, Duromine treatment course affects the nervous system stimulating increased energy production and consumption. Besides, contributing to the operation of the gastrointestinal tract, the medication speeds up the metabolism.

duromine 30 mg phentermine

duromine 40 mg phentermine

Thus, the overall interference of Duromine in the body functioning is generally preferable, and the results achieved during the treatment course are desirable. Though, bare medical assistance is not enough for a successful treatment of excess weight, as it is only one constituent of the whole recovery complex. Physical exercises and a low-calorie diet are among other components of the treatment course, sufficient for preferable and durable results.

Another important Duromine feature is its habit-forming potency, thus, the weight loss aid should never be taken longer than necessary and recommended. Prolonged intake eliminates the effect and turns the drug into dangerous medication. Misuse and overuse of the medicine is not preferable as well as they may cause the appearance of diverse serious adverse reactions and other condition complications.

Difference between Duromine 30 mg and 40 mg

Duromine is a potent medication that is usually prescribed for serious obesity conditions, frequently accompanied by related health issues, such as heart diseases, high cholesterol, type 1, 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. Producing a drastic effect on the whole organism and influencing the general health condition of the patient, the drug requires doctor’s recommendations and prescription.

Consulting your healthcare specialist, inform him/her about all the health complications and abnormalities ever experienced. Besides, mention the medications that are currently taken to avoid undesirable drug interactions and Duromine side effects as the result.

The treatment course is always advised to be started at the lowest dose, increasing it only if necessary.

Duromine 30 mg is considered to be a traditional, standard dose.It produces a drastic effect, though does not influence the general health condition greatly.

Duromine 40 mg is the maximal daily dose of the treatment, and it is prescribed mainly to patients with severe excess weight cases and high body mass index.

According to a potent action of Duromine 40 mg, it is not even available in a range of countries, while people from other places enjoy the achieved results. Taking Duromine 40 mg, it is vital to know that the medication increases the blood pressure greatly, so the treatment cannot be recommended for people with any heart problem or vascular disease.

Another important feature that differentiates Duromine 30mg from Duromine 40mg is possible side effects. While adverse reactions caused by the lower dose are much milder, the downsides caused by intake of the maximal dose are more serious.