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Why Am I Not Losing Weight on Ozempic? Uncover the Reasons and Solutions

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 β€“ Updated May 29, 2023
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 β€“ Updated May 29, 2023
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Table of Contents

For people who try to get rid of extra pounds and related health problems, the lack of progress in losing weight demotivates, resulting in frustration and stress. Thus, what are the reasons for not achieving the desired results? Although, the effectiveness of Ozempic has been proven in many clinical trials worldwide.

If you have a question: β€œWhy is my Ozempic pen not working?”, do not rush to despair and stop all attempts to lose weight.

These are three main reasons why this can happen:

  • Lack of correct and objective information

Information about weight loss plans is contradictory and confusing. There is a β€œno” against a β€œyes” for a diet and weight loss. A calorie deficit is the main thing that an overweight person should focus on. Without it, it is IMPOSSIBLE to start the fat-burning process.

  • You want fast results

Obesity should be treated systematically without any expectation for immediate results. Ozempic is not working for weight loss if you have just started a course of treatment. The minimum initial dose of 0.25 mg has no therapeutic effect. Low and medium doses are needed to gradually achieve the maximum one. Therefore, the process of stable and significant weight loss can take up to 12 weeks or more in some people. You did not gain extra weight in one week, either, did you?

  • You have not excluded harmful food groups from your diet

Everyone who use Ozempic and not losing weight is strongly recommended to replace quickly digested carbohydrates with low glycaemic food. Why is it important to follow this rule? Such food is slowly digested in the intestines and satisfies hunger for a long time. Another important point is that you should consume more products from different groups. They will provide the body with the necessary micro- and macro elements.

Other, perhaps less important reasons why you can fail include:

  1. You do not drink enough water.
  2. You do not take into account your snacks.
  3. You do not move enough daily, even if you think otherwise.
  4. You do not get enough sleep (rest).
  5. You have genetic, metabolic and some other diseases.
  6. You do not consume enough protein.

Struggling with weight loss while using Ozempic? Visit MyHealthyWeight to discover our Ozempic meal plans, designed to replace harmful foods with nutrient-rich options. Take control of your diet today!

Why am I gaining weight on Ozempic

If you think logically, this question can be answered as follows:

  1. The growth of muscle mass exceeds the burning of fat deposits.
  2. You began to eat more for some reason (for example, because of stress).
  3. You have recently started a course of treatment and have not reached a dose that is guaranteed to suppress appetite.
  4. You have a disease (for example, diabetes) that has not yet been diagnosed.

Why am I still hungry on Ozempic

You might think that your treatment with Ozempic is not working for weight loss. Likely, the dose is not high enough to control your hunger and food craving.It is possible that you combine Ozempic with another medicine that does not allow Ozempic to work. Discuss this problem with your doctor; he will tell you what to do in this situation.


Let us face the truth – losing weight is much more difficult than gaining weight. You must change many bad habits to succeed and get back on track with healthy habits.

If you had periods in your life when you gained weight, know that you are not alone. If you use a medicine for obesity and follow all the doctor’s recommendations, and the percentage of body fat increases, it is necessary to find the cause of this abnormal phenomenon.

Your excess weight will start disappearing, and you will become even closer to your cherished dream of a slim and healthy body!

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1 year ago
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Hi, I’m on week 6 of ozempic at .5. I’ve lost 2 and a half pounds and am sad and worried. Its very expensive to lose so little. Any tips. My appetite is non existent, I eat once a day. Thanks

Deborah Lockwood
Deborah Lockwood
1 year ago
Reply to  Catherine

There is a list of reasons that it could be not working. One of those reasons is that the first couple of weeks your body is just getting used to it although I did lose 7 lb the first week I am on week 3 start week 4 tomorrow. I have lost a total of 10 lb so far. I am not obese I am a little overweight I weigh 150 lb at 5 ft 0 but I used to weigh 218 years ago so this 150 is not acceptable to me since I did get down to 128. They say if you don’t drink enough water or you don’t eat enough protein or you’re still snacking it will take a lot less effect. The purpose I got on it was to get down this last 25 lb or so and reinforce the good habits that I had. If that doesn’t happen then all the weight will come back

1 year ago
Reply to  Catherine

If you are not eating and losing little weight, it means your metabolism is low. Reducing calories sometimes causes the body to adjust its metabolic rate lower. I would check for thyroid function if I were you. Hypoththyroidism causes low metabolism and a tendency to gain weight even without caloric intake. Your body does not burn food for fuel very well

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