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Saxenda Alternative for Weight Loss: Use or Not

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 – Updated May 8, 2023
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 – Updated May 8, 2023
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Table of Contents

Today the problem of obesity and overweight has become a real epidemic. Obesity doesn’t only negatively affect appearance. It poses a serious health hazard and is recognised as a disease.

Drugs such as Saxenda and Saxenda alternatives are available to treat obesity. In Australia, you can buy them in pharmacies.

Why is it necessary to treat obesity? Excess weight has a generally negative effect on health. Just 5% weight loss helps lower blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides. Saxenda has demonstrated high effectiveness in clinical trials. Within a year, 85% of people who took it lost weight. Are there alternatives to Saxenda for weight loss?

There are many such drugs. But, before choosing one of them, you should consult a doctor. You can use the following medications for weight loss:

  • Xenical;
  • Adipex-P;
  • Lomaira;
  • Qsymia;
  • Contrave;
  • Wegovy.

Most of these drugs are available in capsules or tablets, while Saxenda is an injection solution.

What are cheaper alternatives to Saxenda

Considering that treating obesity is a long process, many are looking for Saxenda cheaper alternatives. Phentermine is such an alternative. It is a generic of the more expensive brands Adipex-P and Lomaira. 84% of people reported its effectiveness. And 5% of people had a negative effect from taking the drug.

For weight loss, you can also use inexpensive Topiramate, comparable in cost to Phentermine. According to reviews, its effectiveness is 52%. In 29% of cases, the effect was negative. The price of both drugs is several times lower than that of Saxenda.

But whatever drug you choose, it won’t work on its own. It is necessary to combine it with a special diet and exercise. It means changing your lifestyle. So, you will change your figure and the body as a whole, which will benefit the state of all organs and systems.

A diet and exercise are chosen according to your individual characteristics. That’s why a doctor should control the treatment of an advanced stage of obesity. A doctor should also prescribe drugs for weight loss and help calculate the right dose to avoid side effects and increase the effectiveness of treatment.


Obesity treatment is a multi-level process where a weight loss drug is only one of the elements. A doctor should prescribe Saxenda and its alternatives along with a diet and exercise. You should change your lifestyle to get rid of extra kilograms once and for all and gain health. In this case, you can expect a stable result.


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