Does Ozempic Need to Be Refrigerated

Can You Inject Ozempic Cold? Proper Storage & Surprising Effects

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 – Updated May 8, 2023
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Table of Contents

If you compare Ozempic to diet pills for oral use, you may find that Ozempic multidose pen is a more complex form of medication.

But after reading the instruction, every patient will understand how to use it.

Besides the correct injection technique, another IMPORTANT thing is to stick to the storage conditions of the pens. Moreover, the conditions can change depending on the circumstances.

Unlike most other weight-loss drugs, Ozempic is very sensitive to high and low temperatures. It is essential to take this into account while undergoing the treatment course.

Nothing should interfere with obesity treatment, especially improper storage or usage of the injections. That is why we’ve decided to write this review to tell you more about how to store Ozempic and avoid possible problems related to drug storage.

Where to Store Ozempic

If you store this medication at home, experts recommend keeping it out of sight and reach of children.

  • In a fridge, the drug must be kept away from the cooling element and shouldn’t be stored on the fridge door.
  • If you store the medication at room temperature, it shouldn’t be influenced by heat or light.
  • If you are transporting pens in your car, you may keep them in an insulated bag that maintains the contents’ temperature. Don’t leave the drug in your car for long because it may get too cold or too hot.

Does Ozempic Need to Be Refrigerated

Let’s consider two situations you may encounter.

  • You’ve just bought one or several packages of Ozempic and brought them home.

Unopened boxes and pens MUST be kept in a refrigerator. The same rule is followed in pharmacies, medicinal warehouses, and during transportation.

  • You’ve opened a package and injected it.

In this case, refrigerating Ozempic in a fridge is possible but not obligatory.

Ozempic Storage Temperature

Clinical studies and laboratory tests showed that an active ingredient Semaglutide loses its effectiveness when exposed to low or high temperatures, as well as under the influence of light.

If you’ve started your treatment, keep the solution in a multidose pen at a temperature lower than 30°C. The lower temperature limit is 2°C because the solution for injections shouldn’t be frozen under any circumstances.

Can Ozempic Be Left Unrefrigerated

The medication must be stored within the recommended temperature range.

  • If it is too hot at your home (above 30 °C), take Ozempic out of the fridge only to make an injection.
  • Low refrigeration is not required if the temperature range is comfortable (from 20 to 25°C).

What happens if you don’t refrigerate Ozempic and it will heat up above 30 °C

Despite all the warnings, people don’t always follow the recommendations stated in the medicine information leaflet. That is why there is no surprise that you may often find the following complaints and questions on the obesity forums: “I forgot to refrigerate my Ozempic,” “I left my Ozempic out overnight in the room,” “What if Ozempic is not refrigerated?”, “What to do if I forgot to put Ozempic in fridge?” and “What happens if Ozempic gets hot?”.

We should also remember that the subcutaneous injection solution is highly sensitive to high temperatures, especially if the drug was heated by direct exposure to sunlight. Overheating results in the solution losing its therapeutic properties.

If you use a multidose pen that has been overheated, the medication won’t decrease the glucose levels and suppress appetite. In this case, you will not be able to maintain the achieved weight loss rate. However, this is not the worst thing that can happen. Injection of a degraded solution may cause skin issues and other adverse effects.

How Long Can Ozempic Be out of the Fridge

According to the information published in TGA (page 28), the shelf life of unopened Ozempic left out of the fridge is 1,5 months (42 days); you should dispose of the pen after that time has expired.

According to the information leaflet (page 16) published by the manufacturer Novo Nordisk, the Ozempic pen should be thrown away after 56 days.

Ozempic Storage After Opening: Additional Recommendations

Attach a new needle only once a week or before the injection. It is not recommended to store the pen with a needle on it.

Don’t put your health at risk. If you did everything right but have noticed that the solution has changed its color or contains particles, do not use the pen.

Can You Inject Ozempic Cold

Yes, you can do it. Usually, injecting a cold solution of Semaglutide doesn’t cause any discomfort because a thin and short needle injects a small amount of the medication.

If you feel a burning sensation or other discomforts due to injecting a cold solution, you can take the medication from the fridge and do the following:

  • Leave it to warm up at least for 30 minutes.
  • Take the pen between your palms to make it warm up faster.

Never use boiling water, a cooker, or microwave because it may damage the solution and pen for injections.

Summing Up

If you start obesity treatment with the injection pen, you should learn how to use and store the medication.

Nothing should interfere with taking the correct dose of Ozempic. Moreover, you shouldn’t use bad medication or medication that has lost its effect.

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