Duromine heart palpitations

Last updated on May 23rd, 2018

Many obese people use Duromine to become slim. This drug has been used for weight loss since 1959. Duromine provides anorexigenic effect, which ensures you a great weight loss.

Duromine causes a powerful effect on dopaminergic and noradrenergic parts of the nervous system. In addition, Duromine acts on the cardiovascular system, and thus can increase the heart rate.

Therefore, Duromine slimming pills are contraindicated to obese people with cardiovascular disorders, such as arrhythmia. Patients with mild or moderate hypertension should be careful when using Duromine pills.

Even if obese person has a healthy heart, it is recommended to monitor the blood pressure and pulse during the therapy with Duromine weight loss capsules. In the first days using Duromine slimming pills, the heart rate can be different even in healthy people.

If a patient notices noise in the ears, chest pain and shortness of breath, he should consult the doctor. These symptoms can indicate some cardiovascular pathology, requiring an immediate medical anti-obesity therapy.

It has to be noted that palpitations can be a reversible side effect of Duromine. Thus, cardiovascular side effects disappear in many patients within 7-10 days of obesity drug therapy.

Normal pulse rate of a healthy person at rest is 60-80 beats per minute. If the heart rate increases up to 90 beats per minute after the application of Duromine slimming pills, it may indicate tachycardia.

If during anti-obesity therapy, doctors diagnose more than three tachycardia attacks per week, patient must stop using Duromine capsules.

When using Duromine weight loss capsules, it is recommended to exclude factors, contributing to frequent heart rate (palpitations):

  • Heavy physical activity
  • Fast climbing to great heights
  • Impact of high temperature on the body
  • Consumption of beverages high in caffeine.

*Frequent and prolonged tachycardia attacks require medical examination.

To normalize the heart rate, obese patients taking Duromine can be prescribed with some antiarrhythmic drugs (of different pharmacological groups).

For treatment of tachycardia, caused by emotional stress, doctors prescribe some sedative drugs. Neurotropic drugs, beta-blockers and beta-adrenergic blockers also provide anti-arrhythmic effect.

Some drugs from the listed groups can interact with Duromine and cause severe side effects. Therefore, one should start antiarrhythmic therapy only after consultation with the medical worker.

If you are taking Duromine pills, but they are very expensive in your city, you can order cheap Duromine pills online. The price of Duromine on Australian online pharmacies depends on the quantity of the weight loss capsules you decide to buy.