Duromine and coffee

Last updated on May 23rd, 2018

There is no data in Duromine product information about interactions of this weight loss drug with caffeine. According to post-clinical researches, the combined use of Duromine and coffee may worsen some side effects: dry mouth, headache and insomnia. These side effects can occur because of the impact of caffeine and Duromine on the central nervous system (CNS).

Caffeine – natural CNS stimulant

People, who drink too much coffee, are prone to different diseases of the nervous system. Excessive consumption of coffee may develop a latent form of allergic reaction. People, abusing coffee might have various heart disorders.

Duromine – drug from the group of CNS stimulants

Acting on the CNS, Duromine reduces appetite, stimulates metabolism and provides fat burn. Most of Duromine side effects are identical to other CNS stimulants (ephedra, L-tyrosine, pseudoephedrine, synephrine) side effects.

Refusal of drinking coffee during the therapy with Duromine prevents the CNS side effects (headache, dryness in mouth, insomnia).

Coffee increases the amount of caffeine in the blood, thereby enhancing blood pressure and the stress on the heart. Therefore, after the use of Duromine pills and coffee, there is high risk of cardiovascular side effects.

Duromine may cause headache. If you notice the pain gets worse after you had a cup of coffee, you should quit any drinks containing caffeine. Those people, who have insomnia after the intake of Duromine, should also refrain from coffee. If a patient who uses Duromine is a coffee lover, he can replace regular coffee with decaf coffee.


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