Duromine Interactions With Other Medicines

Do Duromine Interactions With Other Medicines Affect Losing Weight?

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 β€“ Updated May 5, 2023
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 β€“ Updated May 5, 2023
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Table of Contents

Duromine drug interactions can affect the effectiveness of weight loss. Interactions with other weight loss pills, antidepressants, contraceptives, insomnia remedies, painkillers, hormones, or even vitamins and food supplements can interfere with weight loss. So, a doctor should control taking additional medications.

Safe combinationPossible side effectsAccelerate weight lossInterfere with Duromine
PanadolNausea, headachesβ€”β€”
DexamphetamineLike those of Duromineβ€”β€”
ValiumShort breathβ€”β€”
Pristiqβ€”Serotonin syndromeβ€”
Ritalinβ€”Increased heart rate, high pressureβ€”β€”
Sertralineβ€”Serotonin syndromeβ€”
Zoloftβ€”Anxiety, worsening coordination, crampsβ€”β€”


Does Duromine affect the pill in a negative or positive way?

To find out if Duromine affects the pill prescribed, you should consult your doctor or pharmacist. Some medications can increase the side effects of diet pills, while others do not affect them. It is due to the compatibility of the main substances and their interaction. Many things depend on the dosage.

Duromine can also increase or decrease the effect of other drugs. So, you shouldn’t prescribe treatment on your own since only a specialist can assess all the risks of the interaction of various pills.

How to take Duromine and antidepressants

You can take the drug with antidepressants but only on a doctor’s recommendation. Some antidepressants are suitable and don’t interfere with the action of obesity pills, while others can lead to unpleasant side effects.

There is also a situation when medications can interfere with phentermine’s action, eliminating the treatment effect. It shows up as a lack of progress: extra kilograms don’t go away, and the weight remains the same. If you use other medicines with the main one and don’t lose extra kilograms, the problem may be the incompatibility of substances.

Whether you can take Duromine with antidepressants safely depends on your health. Based on the examination results, the doctor may increase or decrease the drug’s dosage and duration of its use.

Are you still in doubt and wonder canΒ youΒ take Duromine while on antidepressants? Contact your doctor for further consultation and diagnostics.

How to combine Duromine and Panadol

Don’t worry and don’t ask if you can take Panadol with Duromine β€” this combination is safe. If you experience headaches, nausea, or vomiting, check if you follow the prescriptions for drug use correctly.
Users note that this happens if you take medications on an empty stomach. Some people say drinking more water is essential to avoid adverse effects.

Duromine and Dexamphetamine interaction

People often ask: β€œIs Duromine like Dexamphetamine?” The answer is ambiguous since they are both stimulants. Their main similarity is appetite suppression.

Simultaneous use with Dexamphetamine is possible only under the strict prescription of a doctor. Correct dosage is crucial as both drugs are available by prescription and have similar side effects.

How can you take Duromine while on Lexapro safely?

To be sure if you can take Duromine while on Lexapro, consult a doctor. If you can’t do this, you can contact an online doctor or ask those who have already used this combination. But remember that it is individual!

Some users, referring to their pharmacists, note that these drugs interact poorly. It means that their combination leads to no adverse reactions.

Duromine and Valium compatibility

Duromine and Valium compatibility

Using Valium with diet pills can cause unpleasant effects like shortness of breath. It may happen when the dose is too high. It is enough to reduce the dosage to normalize the condition. But you should do it after consulting a doctor.

Usually, Valium has no adverse effects and excretes from the body within six hours. That’s why users say about its safety unless you have an individual intolerance.

Risk of taking Duromine and Pristiq

Don’t use these medications at the same time. The reason is that Pristiq increases reactions and can cause serotonin syndrome in combination with obesity pills.

This syndrome can lead to hallucinations or cramps. You should replace Pristiq with another antidepressant.

How to take Duromine and Ritalin

When combined, the drugs can negatively affect heart rate and blood pressure. You can use them together only after consulting a doctor. If you have heart disease or hypertension, you should avoid taking Ritalin.

If the doctor finds no problems, he may prescribe special food supplements to support the body.

Is it possible to combine Duromine and Effexor

Effexor is an antidepressant, and many people are afraid to use it with drugs for getting rid of extra kilograms. However, this combination is possible, but only under the condition of regular examinations.

Effexor doesn’t interfere with the action of other drugs making it safe for use. Users note that after consulting a doctor, there were no restrictions on using these drugs.

How to lose weight faster when taking Duromine and Thyroxine

Doctors often prescribe these drugs with increased BMI (body mass index) and thyroid problems. Taken together, they allow you to more effectively fight excess weight and start the work of hormones necessary for burning fat.

Many people note that the interaction of these drugs doesn’t adversely affect their health. However, you can use Thyroxine only with a doctor’s permission after testing for hormones and blood sugar levels.

The effect of Duromine and Sertraline on the body

Sertraline is a variation of Zoloft and has a similar effect. Using Sertraline is unsafe because it has many side effects. They include anxiety, restlessness, blood pressure drops, spasms, tremors, increased heart rate and hallucinations, which are symptoms of serotonin syndrome.

Moreover, Sertraline may reduce the effectiveness of obesity treatment. Simultaneous use of these pills is possible under control and only with a doctor’s permission.

Safe combination Duromine and Melatonin

Safe combination: Duromine and Melatonin

Melatonin is the most common sleeping pill prescribed with obesity pills. The reason is that the primary active substance β€” phentermine β€” can cause insomnia.

This combination has no contraindications since Melatonin is safe when used for a short time. In the USA, it is a food supplement. And in some countries, Melatonin is a prescription drug. And you should ask your doctor or pharmacist about its availability and dosage.

What are the benefits of Duromine and Fluoxetine?

For best results in weight loss, you can take Fluoxetine with other obesity medications. The drug contains phentermine. According to studies on the interaction between phentermine and Fluoxetine published by the National Library of Medicine, this combination speeds up weight loss and improves metabolism.

The patients say you should take the drugs after consulting the doctor on the right dosage. The thing is that in some cases, the dose may be insufficient.

How do Duromine and Nurofen interact

According to the manufacturer, ergot (fungus)-based painkillers may interfere with weight loss. However, if you worry and ask the question β€œCan I take Nurofen while taking Duromine?”, you can rest easy! The formula of Nurofen doesn’t include ergot.

Other users also advise Nurofen for pain, as it doesn’t interfere with other medicines and doesn’t prevent eliminating extra kilograms.

Does taking Duromine and Zoloft affect the body?

You shouldn’t take other pills with Zoloft. When combined, the active substances of these drugs can lead to unpleasant effects: increased anxiety and nervousness, mental fog, movement disorder, and worsening vision. You should avoid Zoloft while fighting excess fat.

What problems can you have when taking Optifast and Duromine

Doctors often prescribe these drugs for more successful and faster weight loss. They prescribe Optifast as a meal substitution promoting healthy habits. It also allows you to reduce the number of calories consumed improving the effect of weight loss.

In some cases, people report nausea while using Optifast, while in other cases, they have no problems. The complications may be due to lack of sleep or overexertion. So, don’t be afraid of adverse effects. If nausea persists, you should stop Optifast and see your doctor for a substitution that suits you.

Duromine and Covid vaccine contraindications

There are no restrictions on combining diet pills with a coronavirus vaccine. However, before vaccination, you should consult a doctor if you have diseases associated with obesity (diabetes, hypertension, problems with reproductive function).

Since the vaccine acts on the immune system, it doesn’t affect active substances helping in weight loss. Vaccination contraindications include no obesity drugs. So, there are no bans on the combination of Duromine and Pfizer vaccine or other Covid vaccines.

Can you drink coffee on Duromine

Can you drink coffee on Duromine? All β€œpros” and β€œcons”

There are no limitations on coffee during medication obesity treatment. If you still worry about the question β€œCan you drink coffee on Duromine without consequences?”, the answer is positive, but with a small reservation.

You can drink coffee, but side effects are possible. Their probability is low and depends on your health. However, if you experience sleep problems, you should avoid coffee and caffeinated drinks during treatment.

To avoid unwanted effects, you should combine Duromine and caffeine-free drinks or use natural alternatives instead of coffee. They have good taste and will also help you refuse caffeine in the future, which will improve sleep quality in the long run.

How taking Duromine and smoking affect blood pressure

The manufacturer’s instructions don’t mention a ban on smoking. However, in some cases, smoking may cause nausea and dizziness during treatment. The reason is that smoking can increase blood pressure. If you have hypertension along with obesity, it would be better for you to stop smoking!

Besides, often patients who quit smoking return to their previous weight. So, you should give up tobacco-containing products for the time of treatment to develop a healthy habit right during weight loss!

Read other patients’ opinions on this issue and stay healthy!

Why can’t you combine Duromine and weed

The body tension created by weed can be unpredictable. Any product containing weed is a depressant, while weight loss pills are stimulants. This combination is risky and can put a significant strain on your heart!

Patients who decide on such an experiment report panic attacks, numbness, disorientation and impaired vision. You can get to a hospital. The manufacturer warns against using weight loss pills and narcotics.


You should take medications with Duromine only with the permission of your doctor. Even drugs containing natural ingredients or food supplements can affect fighting excess weight.

People with concomitant diseases such as heart failure, hypertension and diabetes should be cautious. Before using any medication, you should pass an examination and adhere to the dosage prescribed by your doctor.

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