Why is Duromine so expensive in Australia?

Last updated on May 8th, 2019

Duromine is one of the most popular brands of Phentermine drug. Phentermine weight loss drug has been used for obesity treatment since 1959. Slimming drugs containing Phentermine are sold under different brand names.

In Australia, drugs containing Phentermine are available under the brand name of Duromine and Metermine.

In the USA, drugs containing Phentermine are sold under the brand names of Adipex-P, Qsymia, Suprenza and generic name Phentermine Hydrochloride.

Weight loss capsules Duromine are manufactured and supplied by Australian company – iNova Pharmaceuticals (Australia). Initially, Duromine slimming pills were available only in Australia and New Zealand. In late 2009, iNova became the part of global pharmaceutical company Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc.

The union of two companies helps to promote products of iNova Pharmaceuticals (Australia) not only on the domestic market, but also on international markets (including markets in Asia-Pacific region, Africa, South-East Asia, North and South America).

Duromine price in Australia is among the highest ones in Asia-Pacific region. Herewith, a lack of competition is among the factors causing high price for Duromine in Australia. The thing is that iNova is the only manufacturer of slimming pills, containing Phentermine, in Australia.

Duromine price from the manufacturer is much different from the retail price. In fact, there is no systematic approach in establishing of retail price for Duromine. Each company determines its own criteria in price formation. The price of Duromine weight loss drug includes costs on clinical studies, brand advertisement and trade margins in the retail segment of the pharmaceutical market.