Is Duromine safe?

Before taking any medication or supplement, people want to find out how safe it is to use. When it comes to Duromine, a well-known medication that treats obesity, you also need to know how safe it is before you decide on this treatment, even if you want to start lo sing weight as soon as possible.

Basically, Duromine, used in accordance with the recommended dosing regimen, can be considered quite a safe anorexigenic drug. The active substance of Duromine – Phentermine – has successfully passed clinical trials that confirmed its good safety profile and efficacy in the treatment of obesity.

Phentermine that is found in the composition of Duromine capsules is combined with a specific resin that creates its slow release. Uniform release of Phentermine helps maintain a constant concentration of the drug in the blood throughout the day, thereby reducing:

  • Hunger and increased appetite

  • Discomfort andirritation to the gastrointestinal tract

  • Frequency and severityof side effects from the part of the cardiovascular system and CNS

Extended-release formulation of Duromine has a good tolerability and safety, which allows prescribing the drug to patients with mild hypertension, diabetes mellitus type 2 and epileptic patients.

The dosage form and varied dosages, in which Duromine is produced, allow individualizing the treatment process and ensure a sufficiently high safety.

This drug is quite effective when helping many obese patients lose their weight, especially when combined with certain diet changes and regular exercises. Most of them were able to lose a lot of fat over a short period of time.

duromine pack and pills

However, despite its many benefits, Duromine can not be called a 100% safe drug. Use of this anorectic medication can sometimes be accompanied by unwanted side effects, even when you comply with the dosage and treatment duration.

Individual characteristics of the patient’s body, the need to treat concurrent diseases and other factors increase the risk of discomfort and adverse reactions.

That’s why this medication is recommended only for those patients, who are obese and need an effective weight loss aid. To be on a safe side, make sure that you follow the guidelines of your physician and avoid taking Duromine for longer than prescribed.