We all know that weight loss is a battle and not every person is successful at losing weight and keeping it off. If you want to skip the trial and error and immediately begin to effectively reduce your weight, stop your choice on Ionamin.

The anorexigenic agent Ionamin is an easy and smart choice for those, who want not simply to fight, but also to defeat obesity. Ionaminie acts through the appetite suppression and is included in the list of best prescription anti-obesity drugs.

Ionamin does its work and gives what a lot of obese people really need:

  • Guaranteed reduction in the desire to eat.
  • Maximum delay in the return of hunger.
  • Reduction of food intake since the first day of treatment.
  • Significant weight loss and a decrease in BMI.

Ionamin is approved for treatment of obesity in patients with:

Ionamin bottleOverweight *

  • BMI
  • 27-29.9


  • (class 1)
  • BMI
  • 30-34.9


  • (class 2)
  • BMI
  • 35-39.9

Extreme obesity

  • (class 3)
  • BMI
  • 40 and more

* Ionamin is prescribed for the treatment of excess weight only to patients, who already have, or have a high risk of hypercholesterolemia, diabetes or hypertension.

Ionamin will help you lose more weight and faster than you ever thought possible.

The rate of weight loss per day can be different. However, if we evaluate the results in the long run, the weight loss will be effective, predictable and stable.

Order Ionamin online now and start losing weight steadily. During Ionamin use:

  • Typical month to month weight loss is 2.4 kg
  • Weight reduction of 5-10% is achieved in 3 months of treatment

Important – during the use of Ionamin, weight is reduced only at the expense of fat burning. This drug does not remove water from the body, as do the diuretics that cause temporary weight loss without burning fat.

In addition, muscle mass increases in the majority of patients using Ionamin. If the weight has decreased by 3 kg, this could mean that:

  • 4 kg of fat were burnt
  • Muscle mass increased by 1 kg

Muscle mass increases due to the fact that Ionamin is prescribed in combination with increasing activity and exercise. Calorie-restricted diets are the second mandatory condition for Ionamin use.

Ionamin is designed for daily use. One Ionamin 15mg or 30mg capsule is taken once a day with breakfast or 10-14 hours before bedtime.

Given that Ionamin is a strong stimulant of the central nervous system, patients should not:

  • Use a dose of higher than 30 mg in an attempt to increase the anorectic effect.
  • Take Ionamin more than once a day, irrespective of the recommended dose.

Ionamin has the potential to cause side effects, especially if recommendations for use are violated. As a rule, side effects manifest early in the course of therapy and resolve with continued treatment.

When you buy Ionamin online, you get a high-quality anti-obesity drug, a predictable weight loss and a low risk of side effects. Ionamin appeared in the pharmaceutical market in 1959, and has been proving its effectiveness in appetite reduction for more than 50 years in a row.

Ionamin is now available in the UK, even though it was previously been available in Canada, the US and other countries. Termination of Ionamin sales in these countries is not related to the efficacy and safety of the medication. The United States is one of the largest Ionamin generics consumers.

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