How to Take Duromine?

Duromine is known for its drastic effect, thus, it requires thorough consideration before the intake and following doctor’s recommendations during the treatment course.

Consult your healthcare specialist to ensure the drug is safe and effective in your condition.

Besides, the doctor will adjust the necessary dose, strength and intake periodicity of the medication to achieve the best and fastest results possible.

Duromine should be taken only by people above 12 years old

Traditional Duromine dose is one capsule each day an hour before breakfast, or at least two hours after it. Do not crash, break or crack the pill, swallow it whole with a full glass of water.

Once you feel the prescribed dose is not sufficient for a preferable effect, tell your doctor about it, though never modify the dose on your own, as it may cause diverse side effects.

If you have missed to take one capsule of Duromine, use it as soon as possible, but skip it if the next scheduled one is very close to be taken.

Do not undergo the weight loss treatment course for longer than recommended as the drug is habit-forming.

Duromine misuse and overuse may lead to multiple severe side effects, so to eliminate this risk, follow all the received recommendations.