How Much is Duromine in South Africa?

Last updated on May 23rd, 2018

To answer this question correctly, you need to understand that this medication is available in different strengths (including 15 mg and 30 mg) when it comes to this market.

Interested in the dosage of phentermine (the active ingredient of Duromine)?

Then you should read the label because this information is indicated in mg.

What about the price of this effective and popular weight loss medication in South Africa? Basically, it depends on several important factors, such as the number of pills in the pack and their strength.

For example, the price of 15 mg pills is around 7 ZAR, while 30 mg Duromine is sold at a bit more than 8.5 ZAR.

Remember that the price of this medication keeps increasing every year (for example, it was increased up to 5% last year).

Make sure that you don’t take this medication for longer than three months because you risk developing dependency, regardless of your prescribed dosage.

If your regular dose of Duromine is 15 mg, then your expected expenses for a 3-month weight loss program will be around 600 ZAR, but if your daily dose is 30 mg, then your expenses will be increased up to 780 ZAR.

This price is quite affordable compared to the benefits and results that can be achieved.