How Does Duromine Work

Overweight and obesity are defined as abnormal and excessive fat deposits that can damage health. When Duromine works in your body, it reduces your risk of negative consequences, associated with your increasing weight, such as:

  • Diabetes;
  • Cardiovascular diseases;
  • Musculoskeletal disorders;
  • Oncological diseases of the breast and large intestine.

Body mass index (BMI) is one of the diagnostic methods that show whether your weight is normal or not. Duromine is recommended when patient has a BMI of 25 to 30. Both high and low BMI values are associated with a health risk.

When overweight and obesity or diagnosed, an individual weight loss program can be developed for the patient, and its purpose is:

  • Forming motivation;
  • Changing eating habits and lifestyle;
  • Increasing the personal responsibility of patients for their treatment.

Even a slight decrease in the body mass index can improve health and mood in a person, who suffers from excess weight. First of all, he gets confidence in himself and in the fact and that Duromine is really working and treatment should continue.

The medication is produced in capsules containing the active ingredient Phentermine. When you take Duromine, the medicine works throughout the day. You no longer have to worry about overeating, since your appetite will be under control.

When using Duromine, also work on eliminating the underlying causes of excess fat accumulation in your body. Restore the energy balance between calories, coming into your body, and calories that you lose every day.

Basic concepts that promote the formation of a positive energy balance are:

  • Include higher physical activity in your daily life;
  • Reduce the consumption of product high in fat, salt and sugar;
  • Add to your diet foods with a high content of vitamins and minerals.

Obesity is a chronic, recurrent disease.

Diet pills are intended to manage your weight in the short-term perspective. After achieving a normal weight level, maintain the achieved success. If you gain extra kilograms back, Duromine might not work for you as good, as it did previously.

Popular tactics of modern pharmacotherapy is the simultaneous use of several drugs to achieve a more successful and fast treatment. Diet pills are not recommended to combine with other drugs for weight loss. How Duromine works in this case is not fully studied, so unpredictable consequences can occur.

If Duromine does not work, patient find non-drug treatment of obesity useful.

The latter may include:

  • Diet therapy;
  • Physical exercises;
  • Behavioral therapy.

When non-drug treatment and Duromine do not help, patients may be recommended surgical methods to remove excessive fat deposits in the subcutaneous tissue and other tissues of the body.

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