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Duromine is one of the most talked about medications for obesity. Real feedback and opinions about this medicine can be found in the vlogs, blogs and online forums.

Review of discussion platforms, which contain comments about Duromine allows us to assert that duromineforum.com is the most objective source of real stories about these diet pills.

Despite the fact that nevergiveup.team (ex. duromineforum.com) is an English-speaking platfrom, you can communicate with people living on different continents in different countries of the world.




The Duromine Forum has moved to a new domain: www.NeverGiveUPTeam.com.

NeverGiveUPTeam.com was registered about 10 years ago and today it has more than 10 000 active users registered.

If you want to not only get information about Duromine, but also ask questions to other forum users, register and join the discussion.


Is this the first time that you hear about Duromine capsules and do not know how they work?

Read the reviews and comments on the most visited forum pages and get real information about Duromine from people who used it earlier or are using it right now.

Guided by the number of likes, reposts and comments, we can conclude that most visitors to the forum are interested in the topics:

  • Introductions
  • My Experience with Duromine
  • Duromine Questions and Answers
  • Side-Effects of Duromine.

Did you know? On the forum about Duromine, you can find links to online pharmacies, in which these diet pills are sold without a prescription.

For some obese people, the idea of buying Duromine online seems attractive. Especially for residents of countries, in which these diet pills are not available for sale.

  • But, please, be careful!

Do not take rash decisions, and do not order Duromine capsules without a prescription if they are contraindicated to you.

If you are one of those people, who have a positive or negative experience about Duromine use, share your story in one of the sections of the forum and help other obese people to make the right choice.

You have the power to help hundreds and thousands of people suffering from obesity make the first step towards weight loss. Share your experience and enjoy communicating with people, who have the same problems with excess weight.

If you have a weight loss diary or “before and after” weight-loss program photos, share this information with others to motivate people into starting a real fight with the unwanted fat.

  • Do not hesitate to ask your questions!

Awareness and communication with other people allow to be optimistic and help to avoid frequent mistakes, associated with the use Duromine.

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