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Chemist Warehouse. Duromine Prices 2018. Best Choice!

Are you looking for the best a place to buy Duromine online? You might find the offer of the largest Australian retail pharmacy – Chemist Warehouse – interesting for you.

Choosing this pharmacy to buy Duromine, you do not have to worry about searching for lower prices or recalculating the price taking into account the cost of delivery.

When visiting Chemist Warehouse:

  • You get a guarantee of a low price for Duromine capsules.
  • You have the opportunity to choose the payment & delivery methods.

Three steps to get Duromine capsules in Chemist Warehouse.

1 Ask your doctor to issue a prescription to you.

prescription to you

2 Send the prescription to:

Send the prescription to

3 Pay for the order and get the capsules by mail.

express post

Cost of Duromine in Chemist Warehouse (second quarter of 2018):

  • 15mg capsules – $ 100.00
  • 30mg capsules – $ 112.00
  • 40mg capsules – $ 133.00.

Prices indicated are for a month’s supply of Duromine capsules (30 doses).

Duromine delivery time depends on the geographic remoteness of the buyer from the nearest branch of Chemist Warehouse.

  • Residents of large Australian cities can receive Duromine capsules within 2-4 days after purchase.
  • Delivery of Duromine to residents of remote locations of Australia may vary from 2 up to 12 days.

Chemist Warehouse provides you with a choice of one of two possible options for the delivery of Duromine.

  • Regular mail delivery
  • Free of charge
  • Express delivery
  • Extra charge: $10

Choose the most suitable delivery option and get Duromine capsules to the doors of your home or office (only for the residents of Australia).

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