What Is Duromine 40 mg?

Duromine 40 mg is the highest dose allowed to be taken per day to achieve noticeable results in severe obesity cases. In general, Duromine 40 mg is recommended for patients with an unusually high body mass index. However, the medication is not accessible in all the countries.

Today, you can buy capsules Duromine (Phentermine) 40mg in:

  • Duromine 40 mg PhentermineAustralia
  • Hong Kong

*In South Africa, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia, Duromine capsules are also available for sale.

However, the doses of 15 mg and 30 mg are the only doses that are approved for the treatment of overweight and obesity in these countries.

Regardless of the country, in which the patient resides, the treatment of overweight or obesity should begin with the medium dose of 30 mg. Then, Duromine dose can only be increased to 40 mg, if the doses of 15 mg or 30 mg fail to provide a satisfactory anorexigenic response.

One of the prerequisites for prescribing a high Duromine dose of 40 mg is the absence of serious side effects at lower doses of the drug.

Never attempt to increase the weight loss rate through the use of more than 40 mg of Duromine per day. Abuse of this drug may cause:

  • Overdose symptoms
  • Serious side effects

Since Duromine 40mg capsules suppress appetite and increase blood pressure, they should not be administered to patients, who suffer from:

  • Heart problems.
  • Vascular diseases.

Inform your doctor about side effects from the medication intake as soon as you notice any, and he/she will possibly reduce the dose to 30 mg or even 15 mg. However, do not adjust the dose on your own. Besides, if you forgot to take one Duromine 40 mg pill, skip it if the next one is soon to be taken.

  • If the maximum Duromine dosage of 40mg does not work, it indicates that you have developed a tolerance to the anorectic effect of these diet pills.
  • A key feature of tolerance to the effects of Duromine is increased hunger and appetite that can not be suppressed through the highest dose of 40 mg.
  • To ensure that success stories do not turn into a fiasco story, patients with tolerance to the effects of Duromine 40mg pills need to replace them with other medicines for weight loss.
  • Medicines that contain no Phentermine should only be used as an alternative for Duromine 40mg pills. If the weight loss medication is purchased online without a prescription, you can get the review of this medication and information about its active ingredients from a pharmacist.

Never double the dose to avoid possible severe side effects that include allergic reactions, uneven heartbeat, irregular heart rate, fatigue, insomnia, difficulty breathing, problems urinating, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, upset stomach, etc.

Seek emergency medical assistance if the symptoms aggravate or diverse adverse reactions appear.

If you are prescribed 40 mg Duromine capsules, get ready for additional costs. Duromine 40 mg capsules contain by 25% active substance more than 30 mg capsule do and, therefore, their price is higher. Price difference, however, usually does not exceed 15-20%.

To increase the effectiveness and boost the results of the maximum Duromine dose of 40 mg, it should be combined with other weight management activities, such as:

  • Regular exercising.
  • Low-calorie diet.

If the doctor has prescribed you the maximum Duromine 40 mg dose, it definitely means that you have a good overall health condition and no contraindications. Follow all the instructions given by the healthcare provides to make the treatment course effective and safe.

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