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One of the Internet resources, which many users call a reliable and high-quality source of information is the web-based encyclopedia Wikipedia (Wiki). Duromine on the Wiki website is on the list of the most popular anti-obesity drugs, the main ingredient of which is Phentermine.

The Wiki indicates that the active ingredient contained in Duromine controls appetite and reduces hunger by affecting certain areas of the brain. Weight loss occurs because your intake of calories during the day significantly reduces.

It must also be taken into account that very little is written on the Wiki about Duromine, so if you want to get a detailed description of the drug you need to read the official documentation. For example, there you can learn that Duromine is produced in the form of capsules and comes in various doses, including:

  • The lowest daily dose of Duromine – 15 mg;
  • The average daily dose of Duromine – 30 mg;
  • The highest daily dose of Duromine – 40 mg.

By studying further information on Duromine, it can be learned that the drug is a good addition to an anti-obesity program, which includes diet and exercise of varying intensity. After taking the drug, adrenaline is released in your body, which increases the breakdown of fat in adipose tissue.

Not all obese patients manage to change their unhealthy eating habits. After observing the prescribed diet and managing to lose weight, many people fail to continue with better eating habits, and again begin consuming high-fat foods and gain weight very quickly. The Wiki says that Duromine reduces the intensity of the desire to eat, since the appetite suppression is one of the main action mechanisms of the drug.

To learn more about how Duromine works, you shouldn’t read just the Wiki. You can find interesting facts on various online forums on obesity and weight loss methods with diet pills. Many patients are also curious to learn about how other people solve their problems with being overweight.

  • For many people, the internet forum is the most suitable place for online discussions.

You can read about the experience of other people using the drug and find out which online pharmacy has the best offer for Duromine. In the Wiki, you will not be able to find out about prices or profitable offers. Besides, the internet forum users with obesity can interact with each other, providing each other with moral support.

Weight loss changes people not only externally, but is also an excellent way to improve overall health and increase self-confidence. Wherever you read about Duromine, on Wiki or on an internet forum, it should not be a substitute for a consultation with a qualified physician. The specialist will prescribe a suitable course of treatment and will track your progress in weight loss.

Critics of the Wiki point out that the main drawback of this information resource is that not every question is answered correctly. Recently, actions are taken to improve the reliability of medical records. This is the responsibility of a nonprofit corporation Wiki Project Med.

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