Duromine vs. Metermine

Last updated on May 8th, 2018

People wishing to lose a few extra pounds make much effort in order to achieve their goal. If they are recommended to use such appetite suppressants as Duromine or Metermine, they want to choose the best one.

If the obese patient consults a pharmacist about this, he will immediately say that these are identical medicines and any of them can be used. Metermine and Duromine capsules contain the same active substance Phentermine, which blunts appetite.

If to consider this issue more specifically, these drugs have the same:


  • overweight or obesity treatment

Dosage form

  • sustained-release capsules

Dosage strength

  • a 15mg, 30mg or 40mg capsule in the morning

Side effects

  • hypertension,
  • headache,
  • dry mouth, etc.

It often happens that different companies produce drugs with the same indications, dosage strength, dose form and side effects on the market of anti-obesity drugs. They are called generic drugs and usually differ only by name.

However, here is a slightly different case. Duromine and Metermine are also generic drugs, but produced by the same company – iNova. Nevertheless:

  • Metermine is sold only at Australian pharmacies.
  • Duromine can be bought in many countries of the Asia-Pacific region.

People fighting obesity are not always interested in issues related to the medication marketing; they need a result. If to compare efficiency, Duromine and Metermine are exact copies of each other. During their use:

The average weight loss makes 6.4 kg within 12 weeks

Weight is reduced by 5-10% of the initial one within 12 weeks

Some patients note that when they started using Duromine instead of Metermine, the rate of weight loss have decreased. Other patients state that Metermine works worse than Duromine.

Both statements can be true, but this does not mean that one medicine is better than another. The fact is that Duromine and Metermine effectiveness decreases with time. That is why these drugs are recommended to use no more than 12 weeks.

In addition to efficiency, obese people can be interested in price of these drugs, and it is the only difference between Metermine and Duromine. Price of these drugs is different at pharmacies, although they are produced by the same pharmaceutical company.

It is possible that the manufacturer of these obesity treatment drugs offers the same wholesale price. However, Duromine is a more popular brand than Metermine. Perhaps, that is why Duromine is more expensive than its analog, although this price difference usually does not exceed 10%.