Duromine dosage

Duromine is an anorectic drug, which is supplied to the pharmaceutical market in the form of oral gelatin capsules. Duromine capsules are available in three different doses, which allows choosing the correct dose for each patient.

duromineMinimum dose of Duromine 15mg

Gray and green capsules with a marking “Duromine 15”

duromineMedium dose of Duromine 30 mg

Grey and reddish brown capsules with a marking “Duromine 30”

duromineMaximum dose of Duromine 40 mg

Grey and orange capsules with a marking “Duromine 40”

Before prescribing Duromine and its most effective dosage, doctor can recommend his obese patient to undergo additional laboratory tests.

Test allow estimating the condition and function of different body systems, to identify violations of the metabolic processes and determine the true cause of obesity.

The initial Duromine dose is determined depending on the individual body characteristics and clinical response to treatment.

Obese adolescents aged 12 to 18 years and adults with renal impairment are prescribed:

  • one Duromine 15 mg capsule once daily in the morning during a meal.

Adults with a normal liver and kidney function are prescribed:

  • one Duromine 30 mg capsule once a day, in the morning during a meal

With good tolerability and lack of appetite suppression, it is advised to increase the dose of the drug:

  • in adolescents – up to the medium dose of Duromine 30 mg per day;
  • in adults – up to the maximum dose of Duromine 40 mg per day.

Maintenance Duromine dose can vary from 15 mg to 40 mg per day and can be adjusted in combined use with other medications. The maximum therapeutic dosage for patients of all age groups should not exceed 40 mg of Duromine per day.

Compliance with the recommended dosages of the anorectic drug reduces the risk of physical or psychological dependence and helps to quickly and safely get rid of excess weight.

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